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7 Awesome Wisdom Steps To The Spirit Of Hygge

A steamy cup of coffee being held by a woman looking out over the mountains illustrating an inspiration for spirit of hygge.

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The spirit of Hygge is much more than the word’s definition. Denmark first made Hygge famous, but it is now all the rage on TikTok and Instagram worldwide. The Norwegian word comes from the root word “hug.” By definition, hygge is a cozy, soft, comfy, and nostalgic way to live and decorate. It creates a safe and warm atmosphere and promotes general well-being.

That speaks volumes about the feel that Hygge promotes. We’re talking about creating an atmosphere in your home, your work, your space that feels like it gives you and anyone who enters…a hug. But there is a more profound step to the Hygge life. That is the Spirit Of Hygge. We aren’t just talking blankies, candles, twinkle lights, and warm cocoa by the fire. We are talking about who YOU are and where you are in your head while doing all these cool Hygge things.  The 10 Principles Of Hygge That Will Change Your Life

When we get to the chicken and egg of it all, Hygge helps your “Beingness.” That “Beingness” enables you to know what comfort, coziness, safety, and well-being look like to you. Our Enchanted Perspective term for Hygge is “Comfort and Joy.” We call that internal longing for sweetness, comfort, soft, and safety the “Spirit of Hygge.” It defines that need and what would best create it for you.

Hygge For Your Inner Being.

For Hygge to really feel the way all the books and Pinterest posts tell you it will feel, you need to know more about your Inner Being, the REAL YOU. Only then does Hygge become more than a decorating style or something you do for romantic dinners on Friday night.

The Spirit of Hygge will become more than getting a blankie and some candles for the living room. When you put yourself in The Spirit of Hygge, you will feel like you are breathing in the warmth of that blanket and marinating in the light of those candles. We aren’t just talking twinkle lights and fireplaces. We are talking about genuinely finding your Comfort and Joy in your Hygge space. So how do you do that? Well glad you asked.

A clock fading into blur with blurry tree in background illustrating being present in the moment, a key practice for discovering your spirit of hygge.

Wisdom Step To The Spirit of Hygge #1 Just Be Where You Are In This Moment.

This step sounds easiest but can be tricky for most of us. Can you stand still, breathe, and truly BE where you are? We mean that physically, mentally, and emotionally. Look around you. Where are you right now? Since you may be reading this on the phone, we realize it could be anywhere.

Just take a moment and a breath to really acknowledge where you are sitting. Go ahead, put the phone down, or close the laptop. Then come back and finish reading. Go ahead…We’ll wait………(imagine the Jeopardy music playing…doo be do be do be doo. Do be do be doop de do de doo)  The 10 Principles Of Hygge That Will Change Your Life

Hello again…Now that you are back in the atmosphere, let us go a step further. Close your eyes and take another deep breath. No, seriously….we will wait…close your eyes and breathe. How do you feel? How do you feel in your body? Give it a name. Now, how does it feel inside your head? Are you just chilling and reading blogs to kill some time, or were you looking for something to make you feel better when the Google Gods hooked us up?

Just being in this moment is a simple but significant step. It also has to be done before you can take the next steps. So, good job! Let’s keep stepping.

A woman with a questioning, reflecting look.

Wisdom Step To The Spirit of Hygge #2 What Do You Need Right Now?

Now that you know where you are and how you feel. What do you need right now? This can be big stuff like “I need a vacation, a new car, and a different job.” It can also be little things like I need a cup of coffee, a potty break, and a nap.” Either is fine.

Let’s go deeper. What do you really need? You know where you are and how you feel. What would make you feel better? If you are already feeling good, what would be even better than that? What would feel like Hygge to you? What’s your version of comfort and joy?

A woman with a reflective wondering facial expression illustrating the need to ask what do I need in order to discover your spirit of hygge.

What Do You Need?

Do you need quiet? Do you need soft? Do you need a small and simple space to read a book and drink tea? There’s a reason She Sheds are so popular. They are usually small, cozy spaces with nothing in them but simple things that you like. If you need that, create it or go somewhere that feels like that. Even if it’s just a little coffee shop on the corner, go there.  The 10 Principles Of Hygge That Will Change Your Life

Do you need time to do something that isn’t for anyone but you? Do you need reading time, crafting time, or just time to lay in the sun? Maybe you need time to organize your thoughts. Perhaps you need a pile of pillows on the floor and your cat. Maybe you need some dark chocolate and some good music. Whatever it is, name it. What Comfort and Joy, Hygge essence do you need right now? Knowing this, OWNING this, will get you to the Spirit of Hygge.

Woman leaning against a tree, smiling illustrating self-connection.

Wisdom Step To The Spirit of Hygge #3 Listen When Your Inner Being Talks To You.

Now you know where you are. You know how you feel and have truly named what you need. The next tricky part is listening to yourself. Yeah, you know what you said, but can you follow the instructions of your inner being? It’s saying, “Hello out there. Is anybody listening?”

How often do you hear that little voice with immense energy (your Inner Being) telling you it needs a break? How frequently does it tell you that you must get off the to-do list treadmill and regroup? How often do you hear that sweet voice inside you saying, “Stay right there for a minute and let life catch up to you?”

But then your phone pings, the red light changes, or something shiny reflects off your sunglasses, and you forget all about it. You brush it off and think, “Oh well…what was I doing?”

That is the part that needs to do something different. It’s time to stop ignoring that little voice and listen when your Inner Being talks to you.  The 10 Principles Of Hygge That Will Change Your Life

Two hands doing a pinky swear with the words best friends written on their wrists illustrating the need to be your own best friend to discovery your spirit of hygge.

Wisdom Step To The Spirit of Hygge #4 Respond As If A Good Friend Asked For Help.

What if you listened instead of ignoring your Inner Being’s whispers to your awareness? Like… really listened as you would if a good friend asked you for help. Think about it. If it were someone you care about, you wouldn’t just ignore them or brush them off.

You would listen and ask questions. Then, you would start thinking about ways to help them get what they needed. You would make suggestions and help them brainstorm for good ideas. Yes! Do that for you, too. You’re a creative soul for everyone else’s needs. What would be a great way to find what your Inner Being says YOU need to feel the Spirit of Hygge?

A desk with notepad and markers and a blank permission slip on the notepad.

Wisdom Step To The Spirit of Hygge #5 Give Yourself Permission To Recieve All Of It.

This last step is the most challenging for many folks, so we saved it for last. Once you do the other four, all that is left is to permit yourself to receive your Spirit Of Hygge. Imagine the clarity of understanding where you are and what you need. Then, imagine listening and honoring what you learn about yourself. Now, can you permit yourself to do what you heard?

As children, we were taught that you don’t get to play until all your chores are done. The problem is that no one told your 10-year-old self that when you are a grown-up…the chores are never done. There is always something pulling your attention and your time. The To-Do list is often seen as a tyrant that doesn’t give holidays.  The 10 Principles Of Hygge That Will Change Your Life

Once you permit yourself to spend the time, permission to spend the money comes next. You can spend money on little comfort items, but the Spirit of Hygge is free. It’s in your head and your heart. It’s just giving yourself a hug.

Woman smiling in the sunlight and the words you've got this.

One More Permission Slip.

Then we wonder what other people will think if we do Hygge things that give us Comfort and Joy. If we’re living the Spirit of Hygge, what will everyone else be doing? They are going to be doing whatever they want to do. If you want to feel more Comfort and Joy in your life, then you get to.

The Spirit of Hygge is your connection to what makes you feel joy in whatever comforts you. It’s feeling the Joy of what makes you smile. It’s giving yourself that hug that you may have wanted for a very long time.

You not only deserve Comfort and Joy, but you have also earned it. Adulting is a big job. Parenting has its joys, but it’s also a lot of work being the grown-up in the house. It’s especially tough when your little kid self just wants a blankie and a nap. You can’t give what you don’t have. When you find it in yourself to be gracious, kind, and generous with yourself the way you are with everyone else, you have found your Hygge Spirit. It’s time to give your Inner Being A Hug. It’s time for some sweet, soft, nostalgic time of well-being for you. You’ve got this!

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