4 Powerful Examples Of Inspired Action To Use When Motivation Fails

Woman with her arms up in the air illustrating the feeling from getting examples of inspired action.

What if, instead of trying to make something happen, you allowed it to happen from inspired action? You may need some examples of inspired action before you decide if that sounds too airy and too fairy for you. But if motivation isn’t getting you where you want to be, maybe going deeper is the answer.

Struggling? How To Motivate Yourself To Change Your Behavior

Woman laying on the couch with tv remote and pizza illustrating when you are struggling how to motivate yourself to change your behavior.

There are usually only two reasons you wonder how to motivate yourself to change your behavior. One is that something you are doing is causing problems, but you don’t want to change it. You want the problem to go away. However, you don’t really want to start or stop doing what would make that happen.

How To Get Motivated When You Are Afraid To Dream

Green road sign with words dreams next exit illustrating the role of learning to dream again when you are afraid to dream.

One of life’s most stuck feelings is when you are afraid to dream. We’ve all been in that incredibly scary place. You don’t like where you are but can’t get motivated to think or dream of something else.

7 Amazing Steps To Get Motivated To Love Again

Heart sewed back together with word love illustrating being motivated to love again.

Plenty is written about how to find love. But how do you get motivated to love again after you connect your heart to someone else and it doesn’t work? Maybe you dated for a few weeks. Perhaps you were married for years. Regardless of the timeline or circumstances, it hurts and feels vulnerable.

8 Mistakes And Motivation Killers to Your Personal Growth

White basketball stuck in basketball hoop representing motivation killers that keep people stuck.

Motivation Killers are a real thing when you are trying to expand your personal growth. Everyone has their own version. However, they all fall into the same categories. Motivation killers are little thoughts that can be sneaky because they sound really smart in the moment.

If You Want To Live A Happy Life, Stop Thinking These Crazy Thoughts

Woman with her head in her hands illustrating sadness and thinking I want to live a happy life.

The one thing all humans have in common is that we all want to live a happy life. We want to feel good in our skin. It’s essential that the ground under our feet feels like a sturdy place to stand. We all want to look forward to the future while enjoying today. Isn’t that what YOU want?

11 Unique And Practical Presents For Hippies On Your Gift List

Hippie Girl sniffing flowers, a great example of presents for hippies.

Presents for hippies and other cool and groovy friends can be a tough find. Here are unique and practical gifts for the unique yet practical folks you are buying for this year. Whether Christmas, birthdays, or just because, we’ve got you covered. We love cool and far-out things and would love to receive any one of these. (some we have already bought for our hippie friends and fun family. Let’s go shopping for cool presents!

10 Unique Hippie Gifts For The Cool People In Your Life

Hippie boho van with two ladies waving from windows with Enchanted Perspectives Logo on front of van.

Do you need some unique hippie gifts for the cool people in your life? It can be challenging to shop for your fun and far-out friends when you aren’t in the know of what is cool and what isn’t. Let us head you in the right direction for Christmas, Birthdays, and all those other occasions when it’s time for wrapping paper, bows, and bags. So let’s see…where do we start? In no particular order, let’s start with the cool stuff.