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Enchanted Perspectives is about finding the real you. It’s about discovering where you are and connecting with the intention and direction in where you choose to be. We’ve created a quiet space for exploring and healing how you see your world and your place in it.

We are excited to share tools, techniques, permission slips, and organized whimsy to make that perspective a reality. We use our understanding of higher awareness practices such as Quantum Energy, Reiki, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help you discover your vision.

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We’ve all found ourselves in that space of, “I don’t know what I thought life would look like, but I’m sure this isn’t it.” We can get lost in between what we want and what we think we should want. So often, we think we are stuck when we are really just tangled in our mental chatter and the mystery of what to do next.

Enchanted Perspectives is Science meets Energy meets The Magic Tree House. Find your vision of YOU in joy, calm, balance, health, and success. The awesome part is that it’s YOUR magic created by YOUR work, YOUR perspective, and YOUR journey.

Meet Nikki:

Nikki has a way of making almost anything meaningful, interesting, and fun. She loves cats, believes you can learn a lot about yourself by shooting hoops in the park, and has a mad love affair with trees. As a Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, Certified Menopause Specialist Coach, Reiki Master, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, she understands how to help others create change and has a talent for making you enjoy doing it.

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Meet Jennifer:

Jennifer is a woman who definitely lives life by design. As an Artist, Certified Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Studies Mentor, and Certified EFT Practitioner, she helps others find their unique, magical, and authentic selves. She loves art, music, nature, travel and believes everyone can dance. Jennifer is a compassionate teacher that enjoys inspiring others to find their own creativity, intuition, and passion for life.

Heart-Brain Coherence Guided Meditation

Heart-Brain Coherence is an easy Science-Spirit-based guided meditation. It only takes a few minutes but is incredibly effective. This guided meditation can help you relax and sleep.

It can also help you calm down in the middle of a hectic day while helping you feel clear and balanced. Heart-Brain is a quick and simple technique.

However, the effect is proven to last up to six hours. Enjoy the soothing music, beautiful video, and calming voice in this easy-to-do meditation.

The Real You

Are you looking for a way to express YOU…the real you? Do you sometimes feel like you are waiting for your real life to start happening…someday?  Do you feel like there just has to be more to what your life could be about? Sometimes that can start with just a little inspiration. 


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Join us in Enchanted Perspectives, a unique, safe, and joyful space to find the magic in you.

Woman laying on the couch with tv remote and pizza illustrating when you are struggling how to motivate yourself to change your behavior.

Struggling? How To Motivate Yourself To Change Your Behavior

There are usually only two reasons you wonder how to motivate yourself to change your behavior. One is that something you are doing is causing problems, but you don’t want to change it. You want the problem to go away. However, you don’t really want to start or stop doing what would make that happen.

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5 Cool Ways Of Raising Vibrations For Law Of Attraction

At Enchanted Perspectives, we often discuss raising vibrations for the Law of Attraction. What does that mean, and how do you do it? The scientific fact is that everything is vibration and everything has a vibration. The Law Of Attraction (law of physics) states that, “Like attracts like.” That means we manifest what is vibrating at the same rate as we are.

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5 Silly Thoughts That Screw Up Your Law Of Attraction Manifestations

At least 5 silly thoughts can screw up your law of attraction manifestations. Oh yeah… there are more than that, but we’re guessing you don’t have all day. So let’s talk about the top 5. We have no fear that we are making you think about something less than helpful or causing you to think about something you haven’t thought before.

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A steamy cup of coffee being held by a woman looking out over the mountains illustrating an inspiration for spirit of hygge.

7 Awesome Wisdom Steps To The Spirit Of Hygge

The spirit of Hygge is much more than the word’s definition. Denmark first made Hygge famous, but it is now all the rage on TikTok and Instagram worldwide. The Norwegian word comes from the root word “hug.” By definition, hygge is a cozy, soft, comfy, and nostalgic way to live and decorate. It creates a safe and warm atmosphere and promotes general well-being.

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Woman at a clean desk space with plants illustrating hygge at work.

I Need Hygge At Work-6 Practical And Cozy Steps To Make It Happen

Do you need Hygge at work but not sure how to do it? If you haven’t heard of “Hygge,” you might need Hygge at work and not know it. It’s a fun and functional Norwegian word from Denmark that’s quite popular on Pinterest and Instagram. The word refers to things in your life that are comforting, cozy, warm, soft, nostalgic, safe, and add to your sense of well-being. We call it “Comfort and Joy.”

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Perspective Really Is Everything.

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