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7 Useful Changes To Becoming A Self-Motivated Person At Work

Woman speaking to a group at work illustrating the results of being a self-motivated person.

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Do you want to be a self-motivated person at work but can’t get your rear in gear to make it happen? You aren’t the only one. However, you might be looking for motivation in the wrong places. Many people believe that being a self-motivated person is something you are born with or you’re not. It’s often thought that you have the “go-getter” gene or you don’t. In truth, that is not how self-motivation works.

First, let’s define what we are talking about here. By definition…(ok, our definition for the moment, so hang with us), a self-motivated person at work brings high energy to their job. They are excited or at least care about what they do and doing it well. They are solution-oriented and proactive. They don’t have to be told what to do or encouraged to do the best thing. They just fly that way because that’s how they roll.

Can you imagine yourself just…being like that? Here’s the secret that isn’t a secret. Anyone you know who seems like a self-motivated person, works at it. They nourish their motivation like it’s a house plant their grandma gave them. They pay attention to what they do and how they navigate their inner thoughts, being sure not to sabotage themselves.  Unraveling The Truth: 8 Big and Common Myths About Motivation

Professional woman scientist in lab illustrating a self-motivated person.

Think of someone you know to be a self-motivated person at work. We have no idea who you are thinking of, but here is what we know from years of working with clients. Whoever this person is, there are days they don’t feel like being that self-motivated person you believe them to be. There are days they don’t feel like doing anything but petting the cat and having a second cup of coffee. Sometimes, maybe even weeks, they just…don’t wanna do what they are usually glad to do.

But they have practices, tricks, and techniques to put themselves in that “Let’s make this happen!” place again. Yep, think of that self-motivated person you know. We promise they don’t just come out of the box like that every morning. They might look like they just add water and stir or “ plug and play” their way into the parking lot. But we can promise there is more to them than that.

This is good news for all of us. Because if they can inspire themselves to become a self-motivated person at work…so can the rest of us. That means so can YOU! So let’s unpack this with these 7 useful changes you can start using immediately and see a difference in yourself sooner than you think.

Muffin, coffee on bed with morning sun shing in illustrating being a self-motivated person starts with how you start your day.

Useful Changes To Becoming A Self-Motivated Person At Work #1-It Starts Before You Get There.

Whether you work in the corporate world, a cubicle, offer a service, or are at home and online, it doesn’t matter. Being a self-motivated person starts before your work day begins. The reason is simple. It’s because your work day begins and ends in the gooey, sometimes messy center of who you really are.

How you spend your day is how you spend your life. Let’s take that one step further to say how you START your day has much to do with how you feel about the rest of the day. If you are someone who wakes up and is in the car in 20 minutes, we are betting your day gets overwhelming pretty quickly.

Fill yourself up. You can’t give what you don’t have. So think about what that means to you. Create an unrushed morning routine. It’s hard to be a self-motivated person when you don’t have time to think. You know the practices you like the idea of incorporating.

They might be things like eating a healthy breakfast, journaling, exercising, yoga, walking, praying, meditating, or sitting on the porch watching the sun over the trees. You get to decide what that is. But fill yourself up so you have plenty to work with without struggling the rest of the day. Unraveling The Truth: 8 Big and Common Myths About Motivation 

Cubicle with personal pictures and motivational notes illustrating a self-motivated person creates their work space intentionally.

Useful Changes To Becoming A Self-Motivated Person At Work #2-Make Your Work Space Your Own.

Whether your workspace is a home office, a cubicle, a cash register, or a Dodge truck, you know what speaks to you. Have at least one thing that reminds you why you do what you do and what really matters to you. Don’t over-clutter, but surround yourself with things that make you smile.

If you work somewhere that doesn’t allow personal things on your desk, use the screensaver on your computer and phone. It doesn’t matter what it is. It only matters that you can see this anchor that reminds you who you are, what you are doing, and why you are doing it.

It’s easier to be a self-motivated person when you feel comfortable in your environment. Create little reminders of who you really are and what really matters. It might be photos, quotes, or the coffee cup your son made at camp. You get to choose.

Group of co-workers having a business meeting around table.

Useful Changes To Becoming A Self-Motivated Person At Work #3-Get Clear On What Your Company Does And Your Part In It.

Most people can do anything as long as they know why they are doing it and how long they have to do it. What does your work actually do? What we mean by that is what problem does it solve, what purpose does it fill? For instance, florists don’t sell flowers. They sell, ‘I’m sorry,” “I love you” and “Happy Birthday.” Restaurants don’t just sell food. They sell convenience, laughter, family, and a place to rest for a bit. What does your company really do?

Then, what do you do? Administrative assistants are help, support, and time savers for those they work for. Teachers are doing more than showing kids how to do math and spell. They are mentors and role models. Engineers are dreamers, creators, and problem solvers. Nurses are advocates, listeners, and caring support.

Sales reps are problem solvers and product support. Stay-at-home moms are…everything under the sun. Get clear on what you do and why it matters to you. It’s much easier to be a self-motivated person when you feel good about how you contribute to your team, your family, or the world.

Black woman holding plans in greenhouse smiling illustrating a self-motivated person enjoys their work.

Useful Changes To Becoming A Self-Motivated Person At Work #4-Look For What You Love About What Your Work.

It doesn’t matter what the topic is. It’s almost impossible to be self-motivated when something feels like a drag on your senses and drudgery. It’s also true that no matter what you do for a living, there is some part that you don’t really enjoy or maybe even dread.

This is why it’s essential to be clear on what it is about your job that you really do love or at least like. Do you love the people, the work, the customers, the hours, or the flavored coffee in the break room? Have these things at the ready in your mind.

If you get to the “not so fun” part of your work, you can self-motivate yourself into the next step by remembering what you really really like about this job. It’s easier to be a self-motivated person when you can easily remember what it is about this job that makes it worth doing.  Unraveling The Truth: 8 Big and Common Myths About Motivation

Road sign with words rewards just ahead to illustrate that a self-motivated person creates goals and rewards to motivate.

Useful Changes To Becoming A Self-Motivated Person At Work #5-If The Boss Doesn’t Give You A Goal and A Reward, Do It For Yourself.

Many workplaces have set goals with rewards and bonuses at the end. Maybe yours doesn’t, or you work for yourself or are a caregiver or stay-at-home mom. In this case, create your own goal and performance bonus. Make the goal something that would really make a difference when you accomplish it. Make it obtainable but still something you have to reach for a little.

Then, make the reward something you really want. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It just needs to be something you wouldn’t give yourself any ole Tuesday. It’s easier to be self-motivated when we look forward to accomplishing something we want to do and acquiring that treat we want.

Co-workers gathered around a table celebrating illustrating that a self-motivated person hangs around other motivated co workers.

Useful Changes To Becoming A Self-Motivated Person At Work #6-Hang Out With Other Self-motivated People.

It’s always easy to find the unsatisfied, unmotivated people at work. They are easy to find because they are loud and never stop whining about what they don’t like. You know who those people are. You can always count on them to commiserate, “Oh, ain’t it awful,” no matter the topic. Do not look to these people for help in being self-motivated.

If you want to be a self-motivated person, hang out with those people who seem to be the way you are hoping to be. Have coffee with the person who walks in the door, excited to be there and inspired to start the next project. Spend time with the people who really get the whole picture of what you guys do and why you do it. Believe it or not, self-motivation is contagious, so share space with people who might inspire that little bug.

Man playing with his cat illustrating that a self-motivated person has work life balance.

Useful Changes To Becoming A Self-Motivated Person At Work #7-How You End Your Day Matters Too.

So it is time to go home or, turn off the computer, or move on to the other part of your life. Here’s the thing that sounds backward or at least unlikely. If you want to be a healthy, balanced, self-motivated person at home, stop thinking about work.

Now it’s time to be in the moment with your non-work life. When you are at work, be at work, think about work, and be in the moment. When you are not at work, be where you are in the moment with what is happening. If you are mowing the yard, be in that moment. If you are at your kid’s ballgame, be in that moment. If you are back to petting the cat on the porch, be in that moment with that cat.

Being a self-motivated person at work doesn’t mean you are always on call in your brain. Your mind needs a break. So does your nervous system and the seven-year-old inside you who needs to play in the yard after school. A self-motivated person knows that a change of scenery and something else to think about is necessary. They also know that worrying about your family when you are at work and worrying about work when you are with your family will burn you out and wear you down.

So after work, end your day with other things that need doing in life (like homework and laundry) and other things you just want to do (like hobbies, friends, family, and alone time).

Middle aged woman smiling illustrating a self-motivated person.

It’s All Doable.

You can do all these things, but you get to decide if it’s one new habit at a time or all at once. You know you. Do it as YOU need to to make positive and lasting change. You ARE a self-motivated person when you get out of your own way. Just give yourself what you need and eliminate what you don’t. Then, feed your new habits regularly. You’ve Got This!

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