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How To Move Forward When You Feel Stuck In Life: 8 Awesome Things To Know

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Are you wondering how to move forward when you feel stuck in life? It’s easy to get down on yourself, anxious or worried, when life isn’t moving in the right direction. A lot is going on in the world. But we’re talking about YOUR world. What do you do?

By nature, we humans feel more at ease when things are moving and when we are moving too. So when life feels like it’s flowing, moving along, and changing for the better, we feel more in control of our life. 

When things feel like they aren’t moving or we aren’t moving, we can feel panicked. It might be a physical lack of movement, like a job or a relationship that feels stagnant. But it can also be a mental stagnation that feels uninspired and “meh…” 7 Clear and Easy Steps When You Feel Stuck In Life.

Woman sitting on bench looking down at the floor
You can move forward even when you feel stuck in life

Regardless, when you are in it, you can feel anything from sad and angry to bored and tired. All of those feelings are uncomfortable, possibly painful, and boil down to a place of just feeling stuck in life.

Sometimes your brain is screaming, “DO SOMETHING!!!!” while your body just can’t pool up enough energy to put your phone down and get out of bed. So let’s talk about 8 awesome things to know to get you started moving forward. 

snowboarder upside down in the snow feeling stuck in life
The good news is everyone feels stuck in life at some point...then they find their way forward

How To Move Forward When You Feel Stuck In Life: Awesome Thing To Know #1: Everyone Feels Stuck In Life At Some Point.

There is a saying in life that misery loves company. We find it more accurate that there is comfort in knowing you aren’t the only one. We don’t feel so alone or like we must have done something wrong when we know others feel this way too. 

So let us declare right here that everyone knows the instance of feeling stuck in life. There is an excellent chance if you are feeling it now that, you will feel it again somewhere down the road. How’s that for a pep talk? 

The point is that the feeling is natural and intuitive. Anytime life is not going as we want or moving as fast as we like, we feel stuck in life. Anytime we are disappointed in an outcome or unsure of a result, we can feel stuck too. 7 Clear and Easy Steps When You Feel Stuck In Life

The good news is that if it is this common, there are tons of answers out there to get unstuck. It’s also good news that if everyone feels like this at some point and finds their way out of it, so will you.   

Orange butterflies flying away from an orange flower

How To Move Forward When You Feel Stuck In Life:  Awesome thing to know #2: When You Change Your Perspective, You Change The Situation Too. 

Physics tells us when you change how you look at something, what you are looking at changes. This is true with your feeling stuck in life too. So we suggest that instead of looking at your situation with doubt, fear, and judgment, look at it with an Enchanted Perspective. 

When we talk about an Enchanted Perspective, we don’t mean a perspective of fairy dust and cupcake sprinkles (even though we adore fairy dust and cupcake sprinkles). Instead, we recommend a perspective that looks at all the possibilities with hope and creativity.

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Enchanted Perspectives...Living Life By Design Instead Of Default

So What Is This Enchanted Perspective Thingy?

What we mean by “Enchanted Perspective is a way of thinking, doing, and being that helps you experience more of what you choose in your life. We also mean giving less energy to what you don’t want. To us, the word “Enchanted” means a way to discover your vision, a way to clarify intention, awareness, and direction. We mean “Enchanted” as a way to inspire, create and manifest.

Everyone knows what perspective is. It’s how you choose to look at things. Most people forget they have a “choice” in looking at almost any situation. You can create your life by desire and design instead of denial and default. That is a choice in perspective that can change everything that happens next. 

Kid with backpack purple balloons looking through telescope
Where there is a choice, there can be change, and "stuck" can't live in change

How To Move Forward When You Feel STuck In Life:  Awesome Thing To Know #3: You’re Changing Every Day With Every Choice. Where There Is Choice and Change, Nothing Is Stuck In Life.

Most of us have a default program, “I don’t have a choice.” However, you do have a choice. You always have a choice. Not making a choice is still a choice. 

As bumper “sticker-ish” as it sounds, where there is a choice, there can be change, and “stuck” can’t live in change. Look around and look at all and any options. There’s always more than one choice. Get inspired. Get creative. Look at your situation. Then ask your angels, “What else ya got?” 

pot of chili being stirred

How To Move Forward When You Feel Stuck in Life:  Awesome thing to know #4: Sometimes, When You Feel Stuck In Life, You Are Just Simmering, and Simmering Adds Flavor.

So much of the time, what we feel as stuck in life is really…impatience. With apps and smartphones, we live in a world of instant gratification. However, there are so many things in life that you just can’t rush. 

You can have a bowl of chili with a can opener and a microwave. But how much better is that bowl of chili that is slow-cooked, simmered all day on the stove? Yeh….pass the crackers, right? 

An old saying is that you can have good, fast, or cheap, but you must pick 2. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to find all three at once. 

sandy beach blue sky scene with quote relating to feeling stuck in life

Life pretty much works that way too. Are you sure that what you call stuck isn’t just you wanting what you want…now, and it’s not getting here fast enough? There is something to be said for simmering. That pot of chili on the stove isn’t stuck. It’s just not done yet. It’s simmering to what will become the best cold-day wonderfulness sauce ever. 

Sometimes you aren’t stuck in life. We need to give it a minute or a month. Don’t forget that giving anything the gift of patience is providing another kind of love.

Girl with curly hair making face

How To Move Forward When You Feel Stuck In Life:  Awesome Thing To Know #5: Feeling Stuck In Life Might Seem Like You Are In Time Out. But What If You Are Really Just In Study Hall?

Sometimes when you are feeling stuck in life, it feels like you did something wrong or you are in time out. Sometimes it feels like you are left out or missing recess. But you aren’t stuck in a chair in the corner with your back to the party? What if there is something for you to know? What if there is something for you to slow down and take time to look, feel, and be? 

What if to have what you want and how you want it, there’s something you don’t know yet? What if what feels “stuck” is just a whisper to “slow down”? What if this is an excellent time to take a breath and look this situation over.

Woman laying in grass blowing dandelions
What if the stuck in life feeling is a slow down to do something new?

There is a possibility that this stuck feeling is just a shift to do something in a better way. What if this slow down, this pause, this stuck feeling is time to research, study, or learn something new? What if you don’t know what you don’t know? 

Of course, if there are action steps to take, you want to choose to take them. But always look at any pause, any stuck feeling as a possible needed pit stop to figure out the next step. There is a good chance you aren’t missing recess. You are studying up for that next choice, that next possibility that you don’t know about yet. 7 Clear and Easy Steps When You Feel Stuck In Life

Lake mountains trees sunset lavender flowers
Every storm runs out of rain

How To Move Forward When You Feel Stuck In Life:  Awesome Thing To Know #6: Whatever Is Going On That Has You Feeling Stuck In Life… It’s Not Forever.

Whether it’s a dentist visit or a long stoplight, everything feels like it takes forever when we are waiting. You might be waiting for something to happen or something to be over. But waiting makes anything seem like it is just taking way too long. Taking too long is the epitome of what feeling stuck in life looks like to most people. Nothing is moving, and nothing is happening. So now, what do I do? 

Studies have shown in tests with fast-food restaurants that customers perceive their wait to be much longer than they really are. Furthermore, once customers perceive a longer than necessary wait, they also believe they have had a terrible experience regardless of the food. 

Hand holding hourglass sunset in the background

How To Move Forward When You Feel Stuck In Life: Awesome Thing To Know #7: Time Might Not Heal Everything, But Time Does Give Us A Different Perspective.

Regardless of what is going on in your life, it’s not forever. The situation isn’t forever, and the feelings aren’t forever. No matter how long and cold the Winter is, Spring always comes. Every storm runs out of rain. But, possibly, with some of that study hall time and good choices, it can transform into something extraordinary you didn’t even know you wanted. 

What if we ARE talking about something permanent? What if we have had the loss of a job? What if it is something big and permanent, like losing a loved one, a failed relationship, or a long-term health issue.

Person in wheelchair at sunset on sand beach with balloons

Yes, unfortunately, those situations are permanent. But your feelings about life’s problems will shift and change with time. Time might not heal everything, but time does give us a different perspective. 

We’ve all known someone who dealt with something big and permanent. Maybe someone who was stuck until…they weren’t. Then, they changed how they looked at it, how they approached it, and what they were doing with it. That made a new choice, and there is always change where there is a new choice. 

Water tree scene at sunset with quote

How To Move Forward When You Feel Stuck In Life:  Awesome Thing To Know #8: What If This Situation Leads To Asking For More And Better.

If you have been feeling stuck in life, we have so much compassion for that place. We’ve both been there… many times. It’s not usually fun to be there. But that’s because you don’t know what cool thing might be coming next.

Without a doubt, you can look back at your life and think of a time when everything looked like something unfortunate was happening. Then when it all played out, it was the best thing that could have occurred at the time. 

Think of the relationship that failed. You wouldn’t have the great person in your life now had the first relationship not crashed. Think of the job that fell apart but led you to the next job that was so much better.

Child flying on a suitcase through clouds

What if this feeling stuck in life leads to asking for more and better? What if it’s making you read and study things you wouldn’t have before (like this article)? What if it makes you reassess, “What do I want in life?” 

We hope these 8 things are helpful if you are feeling stuck in life. We also hope it gives you Enchanted Perspectives of choices and possibilities. Even more that you realize… that you aren’t really stuck at all.

Pixi Pebbles…When You Feel Stuck In Life

Pixi-Pebbles are songs, quotes, videos, interviews, movie references, and books that we each personally pick for you.

We’ve used these little Pixi-Pebbles to move ourselves from a feeling we’re not enjoying very much…to a feeling that helps us discover our vision of intention, awareness, and direction.

They lead us to hope, possibilities, and a fire under our butt to live life by design instead of default.

In our blog How To Move Forward When You Feel Stuck In Life: 8 Awesome Things To Know message, these are the Pixi-Pebbles that came to mind.

Just a little inspiration to get you from here to there.

This song is one of our go to’s for connecting with inner strength and clarity. 

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