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I Need Hygge At Work-6 Practical And Cozy Steps To Make It Happen

Woman at a clean desk space with plants illustrating hygge at work.

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Do you need Hygge at work but not sure how to do it? If you haven’t heard of “Hygge,” you might need Hygge at work and not know it. It’s a fun and functional Norwegian word from Denmark that’s quite popular on Pinterest and Instagram. The word refers to things in your life that are comforting, cozy, warm, soft, nostalgic, safe, and add to your sense of well-being. We call it “Comfort and Joy.”

Most people can picture their home with throw pillows, blankets, candles, and a warm fireplace. Hygge’s root meaning is HUG, and we all want our home to feel like it gives us a hug when we come in the door. Some can’t picture having a Hygge lifestyle at work because work is supposed to be about…work. Where does all this warm, soft, cozy, hug stuff come in?

Many argue they won’t get anything done if they make their workspace too cozy and comfortable. They’re afraid they will lose their productivity and “get er done” vibe. Studies show the opposite. Having home comforts at work actually makes people able to work longer stints with improved attention, intention and increased creativity and productivity. It’s a “feel good” and get an excellent quarterly review at the same time sort of situation.  The 10 Principles Of Hygge That Will Change Your Life

Example of a hygge workspace at home with a clean desk, cup of coffee and computer surrounded by plants in a naturally lighted room.

What If I Work From Home?

Often, we forget to think about the comfort and coziness of our workspace when we work from home. (Yeah…we’re guilty of that, too.) However, Hygge at work is equally important when you work remotely. How many people do you know (maybe we mean you) who work from their dining room table with kids’ homework on one side and breakfast cereal bowls on the other? Especially when you work from home, it’s essential to make a designated space that feels good to you.

The Hygge lifestyle is for all parts of your life, and let’s face it…work is part of life. It’s also a place that can sometimes feel like…well…not a hug. So that means that Hygge at work can be very helpful. You just have to get a little more creative. Your workspace might not feel like your bedroom, but no matter where you work, you can add some “Comfort and Joy.” Here are 7 practical and cozy steps to make hygge at work a reality wherever or how you work.

Fluorescent lights in an industrial commercial building ceiling.

Creating Hygge At Work Step #1: Overhead Lighting.

So let’s start at the top… of the room, that is. Lighting has a significant effect on your mood. Fluorescent lighting is the harshest light for your eyes and general well-being. Most fluorescent lighting has a flicker. You don’t typically notice it, but it’s going on all the same. This tiny, undetectable flicker is annoying to your nervous system. It makes you grumpy and tired. Isn’t being cranky and worn out the definition of a bad day at work?

Fluorescent light is also a big part of eye strain. If you work at a screen all day, you add eye strain to more eyes strain. Fluorescent lighting became popular because it was cheap and could cover a lot of real estate. But it’s one of the most brutal lights to see or work with all day.

A little boy holding a question mark above his head illustrating the question of how to create hygge at work.

So What Do I Do About It?

If you can eliminate the fluorescents, do it. Get LED bulbs if you share space and everyone else wants that bright overhead light. They often fit in the fluorescent fixture, but there is no flicker. They are brighter yet softer on the eyes at the same time.

Another option is bulbs that put off artificial natural light. Yeah, it’s an oxymoron, but full spectrum bulbs give the effect of having a big plate glass window in your workspace. It’s another good choice when you share space or have to light a large area.

Perfection would be having your own personal lamps with full-spectrum or warm light over your work area. This would enhance your mood, save strain on your eyes, and make you feel more comfortable and cozy.  The 10 Principles Of Hygge That Will Change Your Life

Couch with blankets and pillows illustrating an idea of creating hygge at work.

Creating Hygge At Work Step #2: Soft Surfaces.

You probably can’t go to work in your bestest-favorite pajamas carrying your blankie. (if you can, then YEH you and we want to read YOUR blog). You can, however, create soft, warm, cozy spaces in your workspace or office.

Start with pillows, especially ones that can do double duty on the floor. Some of our best ideas come when we get down on the floor, like five-year-olds, and brainstorm. They also give you an excellent opportunity for yoga, meditation, or stretching in the middle of the day. Rugs are a decorator’s dream to pull a room together, but are also an excellent place for those pillows. They are comfy and cozy while giving you a whole other place to think from or take a break from your desk.

Another added sweetness is a simple, lightweight afghan. We aren’t talking about a comforter from your king-size bed—just a little throw for a chili afternoon. If you have something that has nostalgia and meaning, that’s even more cool.

A comfy oversized desk chair with excellent back support can make you feel like a New York Bank President. It can also be a place to sit uninterrupted for hours to create and focus. It’s also a great anchor that tells your body and nervous system, “OK, we are in our MAKE IT HAPPEN space, so let’s make some magic.”

Wall art decor and prints illustrating a way of create Hygge at work.

Creating Hygge At Work Step #3: Great Pictures And Fun Art.

There are two different flavors of pictures that speak to Hygge at work. One would be pictures of beautiful places you have been or would like to go. You know, those prints that when you look at them, you sigh, “Yep, I’m so there.” So, this could be pictures of the mountains, the beach, or Grandma’s backyard.

The other is pictures of people who matter to you or experiences that matter to you. Frame the times and connections that make your life worth living. These won’t create a longing to be somewhere else (ok, most of the time, they won’t). They remind you why you do what you do and who you do it for. It will remind you of the vacations and experiences your work has paid for and encourage you to work up another one. It will reconnect you to the people that your work touches or the ones that your work supports. This could be your kids, family, clients, or customers.

Art is an aesthetic that touches on a deep level. It can also be something fun and funky that reminds you to lighten up. You may not know why you bought it, but you just had to have it. Either way, it’s a mood switcher and a frequency enhancer for your space and mind.  The 10 Principles Of Hygge That Will Change Your Life

Himalayan salt lamp surrounded by plants on clean desk illustrating a way of creating hygge at work.

Creating Hygge At Work Step #4: Candles, Lamps and Atmosphere.

This is one that people overlook because they think of atmosphere as something for restaurants and date night. It’s another layer to the lighting we talked about. Think candles, lamps, twinkle lights, and anything that adds a cozy atmosphere. This makes your workspace somewhere you want to hang out and focus longer. Maybe you have a job where hanging out and focusing longer is the job description (instead of an option.) Hygge at work will make those 8-hour-plus days much more pleasant.

Woman smiling as she puts in earbuds illustrating using music to create hygge at work.

Creating Hygge At Work Step #5: Good Music.

“Good Music” is your opinion and your call. With earbuds, this one is easy. If you’re like most people, you love more than one genre of music. Once upon a time, before digital tunes, you sort of had to choose. Most couldn’t invest in it all. Now, you can have an entire collection of….everything from Bach to Bluegrass hanging out in your playlist.

Because music can create such a powerful mood, we suggest you be mindful and strategic. The music you play at work will put you in work mode wherever you are. For that reason, it may feel less good at home when you are trying to relax. We suggest you have one or two playlists or genres for work: one for working out, one for cooking, one for thinking, and one for just chilling.

Your body immediately responds to music. So when you sit in that overstuffed desk chair and plug in your tunes, your nervous system will immediately say, “Oh, this is my work music and my work chair. Let’s get to it!” Remember that you can also program your space to say, “This is my creative, fantastic idea space. Let’s make it happen.” Gather music to encourage you to do whatever it is you need to do.  The 10 Principles Of Hygge That Will Change Your Life

Woman smelling an essential oil bottle illustrating a way of creating hygge at work using smell.

Creating Hygge At Work Step #6: Scents.

Scents have two important choice components. One is knowing what smells are pleasing and pleasant to you. The other is understanding the effect that individual smells create in your space. The first one is easy. You know what smells good to you and what doesn’t. The second one takes a little bit of research.

Perfumes and sprays often contain toxic chemicals, so trash them all, including the vanilla candle you have from Pottery Barn. Replace them with holistic, natural, and essential oil smells.

There is an entire science behind the effect of smell and the chemical reaction of the natural elements that create smells for us. For instance, citrus tends to make us feel energetic and in a good mood with a sense of well-being. Lavender has more of a relaxing effect. That doesn’t have to mean sleepy, but calmer and clearer.

Anything earthy, like Sandalwood and Myrrh, tends to have a grounding effect. The scents of Frankincense and Rose can evoke a sense of spiritual connection and contemplation. These are beautiful oils for your own prayer and meditation time.

Group of people gathered around a laptop working.

Does It Work On Other People In My Space?

You can also use scent to enhance the effect you need to create as you interact with others. Use Lavender when you foresee having an awkward or intense conversation or meeting. Have citrus in the air when presenting to a group, and you hope to keep everyone alert and in a good mood. Spray peppermint for brainstorming when you need everyone in their creative genius mode. Here’s a great recipe and a fun project for easily creating the scent you need when you need it.

A plate with pink potourri.

Enchanted Perspectives Custom Made Hygge Potpourri For Mood Enhancement:

  • Gather 3- 1 quart canning jars.


  • Get a couple of bags of natural potpourri mix with no added scent. These should be natural flowers and herbs with no smell except that which might come naturally.


  • Separate the dried herbs, flowers, etc., onto three cookie sheets or casserole bowls.


  • Pick one quality essential oil for each pan of dried herbs and flowers ( 3 total)


  • Sprinkle one oil on one pan of dried flowers. For example, sprinkle Citrus oils like orange or grapefruit on one, Lavender oil on another, and Peppermint oil on the third one. You can pick which three you would like and, in the future, create as many different ones as you choose.


  • Be sure that the dried flowers have room to spread out and can dry well for about an hour. Nothing should be wet, as you only use 10 or 15 drops of oil. However, you don’t want accidental wet spots. That would get icky.


  • Then, sprinkle each pan of dried herbs and flowers with one tablespoon of Orris Root Powder per 2 cups of dried herbs and flowers (about two tbl per pan). This will make the oil stick better to the dried herbs and flowers and keep it from evaporating too quickly.


  • Put one pan of dried herbs and flowers in one canning jar. Put the second one in another, and then fill the last jar with the third pan of dried herbs and flowers.
Potourri in mason jars.

OK, Now What?

Put the lids on all three jars and label what’s in them and what it’s for (relaxation, creativity, meditation, good mood, etc). With the lids sealed tight, put them in a dark space or closet for about three weeks to let the smells build into the dried herbs and flowers.

After three weeks, you will choose the smell you want in your workspace on any given day. This can be for yourself or for a group you will have in the space. This is great for teachers, speakers, and team leaders, too. Pick a jar, remove the lid, and sit it in your workspace. When the day ends, you can put the lid back on that jar and switch to a different one tomorrow. Depending on the strength of the smell, you might need a day in between, but you now have your own custom-made Hygge Potpourri For Mood Enhancement.  The 10 Principles Of Hygge That Will Change Your Life

Hygge works scene with the message you've got this.

Hygge Is A Life Style-Hygge At Work Is A Game Changer.

Any one of these Hygge At Work steps will improve your work experience. All 6 of them will enhance your life. LIVE HYGGE-LIVE HAPPY. Give it a try. You’ve Got this!

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