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5 Manifestation Techniques For Love That Work

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When we talk about the Law of Attraction, we find many souls looking for manifestation techniques for love that work. But, unfortunately, we also see many people looking for love in all the wrong places. 

In the movies, the right person shows up and fixes our issues. Then they fill the potholes in our life, and we become better people. Next stop…” Happily Ever After.” That cultural fairytale could be why the divorce rate in the US is about 50%. 

Everyone wants their person to show up, show up now and show up on their front porch. So often, there is an intent that if we can find the right person, we will become a better person with a better life. In other words, we want someone to fix and complete us; just add water and stir.

Glasses of water infused with apples, cucumbers and lemons.

This concept is backward to how we attract people who bring out the best in us. So here is how it really works: Be the kind of person you what to attract, and that type of person is attracted to your path. They will find you because what you are looking for is looking for you.

That may feel airy and fairy simultaneously, but it’s science. Are there manifestation techniques for love that work? The answer is, “YES!” 8 Tried and True Manifestation Techniques That Work 

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. Dr. Wayne Dyer explained that we don’t necessarily get what we want. “We get what we are.” So this would mean that to have a whole, happy, healthy relationship, we need to be more of a whole, happy, healthy person.

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Start With “You” First.

We don’t attract a relationship to make us who we want to be (that won’t work long-term once the new and shiny wears off). We get closer to who we want to be in life first.

Being our authentic self attracts a lovely fit for us to skip, roll and tumble through life, figuring the rest of it out together.

People are either frustrated or relieved when they realize that all their joy can’t hinge on another person. The point is not the other person. The point is not the relationship. The fact is we attract what we are. So to attract what we want, the work is ours to do. 

Finding manifestation techniques that work comes in understanding the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is about frequency and vibration. Vibrate at a higher frequency, and you will attract someone of a similar high frequency.

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Have you ever noticed when you are in a low place in life, you find yourself surrounded by people in the same space? When you want to complain, another complaining person will stand in line with you at Walmart. When you feel down on yourself and the world, your friends with similar views will come out from under every rock.

There is a saying, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” It’s very accurate. Your vibe also attracts your significant other. Isn’t it exciting knowing you don’t have to wait to win the great boyfriend/girlfriend lottery?

Doesn’t it feel better to know that the foundation of manifestation techniques for love that will really work is in your control and your choice? 

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What If It Really Is About What You Choose And What You Are?

What if having a kind, intelligent, interesting, fun, dreamy cute person in your life is about you and what you do? Wouldn’t it feel better to know that the ball is in your court and that you are the master of your Universe? Doesn’t that feel better than just hoping and….waiting?

These manifesting techniques for love that will really work are to get you from wanting a relationship to living in a relationship. These steps will raise your vibration and send out radio signals to someone who speaks to your heart and adds to your world. Then as a bonus, these steps will also help that relationship last. 

Older woman hugging herself as self love is important to manifestation techniques for love that work

Manifestation Techniques For Love That Work #1: Have A Great Romance With You First.

It’s natural to feel that to manifest love in your life, you need to put your focus on the person you hope to meet. It seems like the natural next step, but again, it’s backward to what works. 

Manifesting Techniques start with YOU. Let’s talk logistics here. The Law of Attraction exists from physics, the understanding that “like attracts like.” So doesn’t it make sense to attract a happy, healthy, fun, exciting person into your life, you need to up your entire happy, healthy, fun, exciting vibe? Now, how in the world do you do that?

To raise the vibe of you and your life, start with having a great romance with yourself. Yes, that sounds counterintuitive, but it is a compelling first step in manifesting techniques for love that will really work.  8 Tried and True Manifestation Techniques That Work 

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Like Attracts Like.

A whole, healthy, happy person is attracted to someone who is also whole, healthy, and happy. Likewise, a fun and interesting person will be looking for someone who is also fun and interesting. This person is who most of us want to be…period…with or without someone else.

The more you can be happy and feel whole on your own, the easier it will be to vibrate someone similar into your life. So how do you become that person who feels good about yourself? Have a romance with YOURSELF first.

This idea doesn’t mean you can’t attract someone till all your closets are clean, baggage stored and no wounds covered with emotional band aids. However, it does mean that you begin the first steps of loving yourself, loving your life, and valuing what you bring to the world while you are still single. 

Suitcase with band aids on it sitting on the street.

Often after a big breakup, the first thing we look for is someone to fill the void the last person left. What is that old country song… hmmm… “There’s only one way to get over a woman…find another woman.” That may be the instinct, but it is also why we get bounced around from person to person and heartache to heartache. 

It can then feel like you are on an endless roller coaster… that’s on fire…with a hornet’s nest in the front car. Eventually, you know you can’t stay there, but how do you jump off? You get off the breakup roller coaster when you have a great romance with yourself before you bring someone else onto your ride. 

Popcorn with mug and fire in background.

Date Night Not By Yourself But With Yourself.

So how do you have a romance with yourself? The same way you would have one with anyone else. Take the time to get to know yourself. Who are you? What makes you smile? What has meaning to you in life? What is pissing you off and making you crazy? What do you need right now? 

Just like dating someone else, spend some time with yourself…alone. Just that thought, “Alone,” gives some people hives and hiccups. But as Marrianne Williamson asks in her book A Return To Love, “Why should anyone want to spend a Saturday night alone with you when you don’t want to spend a Saturday night alone with you?”

Bathtub with pink flowers and lemons with tray containing book and candles.

Create play dates with yourself. This could be something big like a solo vacation or something small like playing on the swing in the park. Create sweet and romantic quiet time by yourself. Take a walk by the lake, picnic in the woods, have a candlelight dinner, and take a bath with essential oils and a nice glass of wine. 

Listen to yourself. Journal, read books that speak to your heart and help you dream. Find songs that express who you are and where you are going. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more comfortable you will be with someone else. It will be easier to be authentic with others which will attract someone more authentic to you. Remember…..we attract what we are. 

Tree trunk that is splintered.

Manifestation Techniques For Love That Work #2: Release Your Relationship Splinters So Your Wounds Can Heal.

We all have relationship splinters and wounds. It doesn’t matter if it’s the unrequited love from junior high, the person who cheated on you in college, or the abusive relationship you stayed in too long. None of us get through life without boo-boos and stitches. 

You’re not broken or hopeless regardless of your love life history. You may, however, be wounded. With time and love and understanding (from ourselves and others), wounds heal. What we have to give intention and attention to are our splinters. We are talking emotional splinters here. 

Splinters can show up in many forms. You know you have a splinter when something that happened months…years ago can still make you cry and throw things across the room. The size of the splinter determines the size of the work to be done. 

Hand with old fountain pen writing letter on old parchment paper.

Sometimes just writing a letter to who we were back then helps the healing. Often we aren’t still mad and hurt at the other person. We are hurt and angry at ourselves for being in that situation to start with or not loving ourselves enough to get out. 

Perhaps the healing starts in owning your part of a relationship that crashed and slowly burned to ash. We sometimes ask clients, “What was your part in the breakup?” When they say they didn’t have one, we have to remind them that if they were there, they had a part. 

If the splinters are large or deep, we often use techniques like NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping) or energy balancing techniques like Reiki. Look for services in your area that will help. (No one said you had to take your splinters out all by yourself.) 

Clear ocean water and clear skies to show clarity is important for manifestation techniques for love that work.

Manifestation Techniques For Love That Work #3: Get Clear On How You Want To Feel In This Relationship. 

Most of the time, we don’t get what we want because we don’t know what we want. Too often, we aren’t clear on what we want from a relationship. So we grab the first person we feel an attraction to at the time. Then we sort of adjust to what is and hope for the best. That gets us back to that burning roller coaster and a 50% divorce rate. 

The question to ask yourself is, “How do I want to feel in this relationship?” This question will tell you what you choose the experience to be.

Popular answers are: 

  • Safe
  • Compatible, like someone has my back 
  • Individual yet connected, meaningful, confident, independent 
  • Solid, abundant like I’m in love with my best friend 
  • Inspired 
  • Loving life feels like family, feels like home
Dinner table with multiple food options to illustrate clarity of choice is important when using manifestation techniques for love that work.

Once you have your list of how you want to feel, think about what represents that feeling. For example, if you know you want a feeling of consistency and predictability, that tells you a few things. Maybe you would like to attract someone who is home for dinner every night, not someone who works on the road with a “figure it out as you go” schedule. 

Suppose you know that freedom to travel and explore is a need for you, like breathing that tells you something too. You might not want to be involved with someone with five kids, three dogs, and a cat. 

If you know that you want to feel like this isn’t only a love relationship but a beautiful friendship, you would like to attract someone with whom you have common interests and views on life. 

Three goats staring at the camera.

Opposites Don’t Attract, But Sometimes They Harmonize.

Yes, sometimes the City Girl attracts a significant other on the cutest little goat farm. Sometimes the guy who never wanted kids attracts a beautiful someone with a built-in, instant family.

That’s because sometimes we attract the most remarkable thing we never knew we wanted. Our mind didn’t, but our soul did. Go with the flow. You will know that has happened when it happens.  

It’s not that you have to go to the dating vending machine and pick your relationship Snickers Bar. When you are clear on how you want to feel and what you want the relationship to feel like, that feeling manifests for you.

Then the person who also wants to feel like that will also be sending out that vibe. The vibration looks for each other. This is genuinely a manifesting technique for love that will work. What you are looking for is looking for you. 8 Tried and True Manifestation Techniques That Work 

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Manifestation Techniques For Love That Work #4: Get Clear On The Essence of Who You Are Looking For And Hone Those Qualities In Yourself.

We encourage everyone to be their genuine, authentic self in every way. It’s never a good idea to create yourself, form yourself into someone else’s idea of you. So when we say, “Be who you are choosing to manifest,” we have to do some explaining. 

It’s pretty simple. Don’t get hung up on details like eye color and height in your manifesting, or they must love dogs. We sometimes get caught up in the “Pina Colada” song when we think of manifesting our compatible match. (If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain…you are my person.) 

We encourage you to think more about the essence of this person. Essence is not physical details, likes, and dislikes. Instead, the essence is who this person is at a heart level.

Desirable essence examples might be knowing that you choose to manifest someone: 

  • honest 
  • of integrity 
  • compassionate 
  • makes you laugh 
  • kind 
  • emotionally healthy
  • mature 
  • curious 
  • free-spirited 
  • open-minded
Two brown and white dogs looking up into the camera.

If it is a deal-breaker that they must love dogs and be the same religion as you, then add it to the list. But remember to keep the list as open as you can. Again, you never know when there is the best someone out there that you never knew you wanted. 

Once you have clarity on the essence of what you want to manifest, then be that yourself. What we want from others is an excellent indication of what we want from ourselves.

A person who is vibrating at the level of an emotionally healthy and mature person will only be attracted to someone else who is emotionally healthy and mature. 

Water droplet into water creating ripples.

It’s All About Vibration.

A person who vibrates at the high level of someone who is of integrity and honesty will most easily be attracted to someone who is also honest and trustworthy. How can you manifest someone calm, balanced, and emotionally solid if you are an emotional slip and slide? BE what you are choosing in someone else. 

If you are manifesting someone fun and interesting, then enjoy the process of discovering how interesting you are while having fun doing it. Remember, you don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are. 

Whatever beautiful attributes you are manifesting in your next relationship….BE THAT FOR YOURSELF! Don’t do it just because it is an excellent manifesting technique. Do it because it will make your life experience more full and enjoyable with or without someone else.

Woman waiting at bus stop.

Manifestation Techniques For Love That Work #5: Make Room In Your Life For A Relationship. Don’t Wait For It But Expect It. 

We once knew a woman who yearned for a deep and meaningful love relationship in her life. However, she worked 65 hours a week. She had no room for anything but sleeping when she got a day off. 

While standing in her office, we pointed out that there was no room in her life for another person unless a man was living under her desk somewhere. Therefore, if she wanted to manifest a companion, she would have to make some changes in her life to give him a place to stand. 

She finally did just that. She hired an assistant, cut her hours, and got some natural balance in her life. Initially, she didn’t do this to manifest a man. She did it for her sanity. She was burned to a crisp and needed another way to do life. 

Woman with hands pressing against all sides of her head.

She decided to take a girls’ cruise to unwind and enjoy life. Guess who she met on that cruise. Yep, they have been together ten years and counting now. 

You have to make room for what you are manifesting. For example, if you are angry from a past relationship and believe everyone cheats, how can you manifest a person of integrity and honor. If your house is a wreck and embarrasses you, how will you share your life with someone if they can never come to your home?

Expect your person to show up. However, please don’t put your life on hold waiting for them. We once knew someone who wanted to move to a different city. They wouldn’t because they feared, “What if their person was here and they moved away and missed them.” We finally talked them into following their passion, and guess who just showed up once they got settled into their new city and job? 

Dirt path leading to clouds and sunset in a heart outline.

Overview: 5 Manifestation Techniques For Love That Work.

#1 Have a great romance with YOU first.

#2 Release your relationship splinters so your wounds can heal.

#3 Get Clear on how you want to feel in this relationship.

#4 Get Clear on the essence of who you are manifesting and hone those qualities in yourself.

#5 Make room in your life for this love relationship. Expect it but don’t wait for it. 

Sometimes people believe they don’t want to get too comfortable and content loving their life without a partner. There is a fear that if they get too happy in their own company, marinating in their joy, they will get stuck there…alone. 

Again, in reality, that is backward. Remember the simples rule of the Law of Attraction, “Like attracts like.” Which would you be more attracted to: 

(a) The person who sees their life as a sad shell and needs you to fix and complete them.

(b) The person who feels good in their skin, looks for the best in their life, and is excited about what another person will add to their life (not looking for anyone to give them a life) 

Pink lotus flower with light in the center.

These are manifestation techniques for love work because they are the basics of the Law Of Attraction. Like attracts like. Whichever one you choose (and it is genuinely your choice)…be more of that…and you will attract more of that. 8 Tried and True Manifestation Techniques That Work 

Pixi-Pebbles For Manifestation Techniques For Love That Work. 

Pixi-Pebbles are songs, quotes, videos, interviews, movie references, and books that we each personally pick for you.

We’ve used these little Pixi-Pebbles to move ourselves from a feeling we’re not enjoying very much…to a feeling that helps us discover our vision of intention, awareness, and direction.

They lead us to hope, possibilities, and a fire under our butt to live life by design instead of default.

In our blog 5 Manifestation Techniques For Love That Work message, these are the Pixi-Pebbles that came to mind.

Just a little inspiration to get you from here to there.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has been one of those father-like steadfast guru for both of us on our journeys, giving us both an abundance of Pixi-Pebbles along the way. 

One of our favorite Wayne Dyer books is Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life. Also, click here to check out Wayne talking about Finding Real Love.


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