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8 Tried, And True Manifestation Techniques That Work

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There are usually 3 trains of thought for those looking for manifestation techniques that work. Do any of these feel like you regarding Law of Attraction, Manifestation, and Vibration? 

Black woman with thought bubble next to her with words do manifestation techniques work for me

A.) “I Know There Are Law of Attraction Manifestation Techniques That Work. I’m Just Not Sure If They Work For Me.”

Are you sure Law of Attraction works for some people… but just don’t know how to make it work for you? These folks have witnessed incredible rags to riches stories and the smallest horse winning the race. They know people out there have acted as alchemists spinning gold from straw. 

They love the story of the guy with no options, finding his true calling. Then they enjoy watching him get the love of his dreams and riding off in the sunset in his Tesla. They tend to believe in the good in the world and all the opportunities that seem to show up for…some people…a lot of people….just not them.

B.) “I Know There Is Something To Law of Attraction. Once I Get Better At _________, I’ll Be More Deserving Of What I’m Choosing To Manifest. Then I’ll Put Some Focus On My Vibration And Frequency.”

Are you sure that good things are waiting for you, but first, you must become smarter, better, and more deserving?

These sweet souls have less belief in manifesting techniques that work and more in the power of “doing.” They feel they have to earn the right to manifest their highest good. 

The problem is that they often feel they will never be good enough for their wants. So they just keep running after that golden carrot and the brass ring. Instead of manifesting. They chase their tail and wonder why they can’t catch it.

Blond girl breaking through paper wall making superman pose

C.)  “I Know Law Of Attraction Works. I’m Going To Learn How To Make Big Things Happen In My Life. I Just Need Manifestation Techniques That Work.”

Do you know manifestation techniques work and by all things holy on your manifesting wish list, you are going to figure it out? Maybe you’re just not sure what to do yet.

These beautiful hearts are what the world often calls “dreamers.” What would the world be without them? They are what keeps our world moving forward and tilted on its axes, spinning in the right direction

These believers in good things coming often hear things like, “Get your head out of the clouds!” They listen to others telling them to quit wasting time on something that might not happen. But they know something is waiting for them…meant for them…if they could just figure out what it is and how to bring it to them. Bridge From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be In 5 Big, Powerful Steps 

Little boy with three cups pointing to cup without ball under it.

Which One Are You?

You may be any one of these or a combination of all three. Regardless, you know that something better is out there for you if you just knew how to attract it and grab it. 

Maybe you’re afraid that you are one of those people that things just don’t work out for them. What if you believe you can have what you want when you are good enough to have it. 

Perhaps you know good things are waiting for you if you could just figure out this Law Of Attraction riddle. Whichever you are, these 8 Tried, And True Manifestation Techniques Will Really Work For You.

Purple brick wall with message this isn't weird don't make it weird when using manifestation techniques that work.

Manifestation Techniques That Work #1: Own That This Isn’t Weird, So Don’t Make It Weird.

The Law of Attraction simply states that “like attracts like.” It’s easy to talk about manifestation techniques like it’s all sparkles and lightning bugs. But unfortunately, some even think of it as a make-believe topic.  

Manifesting is not only real, it’s super-science real.  The Law of Attraction is one of the 12 Laws of the Universe. It was often referred to by one of the founding fathers of physics, Noble Prize Winner Max Planck. 

Everything Is Energy.

Einstein said, “Everything is Energy, and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” 5 Manifestation Techniques for Love That Will Really Work

“So this isn’t just a cute little hippy thing to believe. This is fun science. Everything from a person to a kitten to a conversation to an oak tree has a vibration. That vibration resonates with us, or it feels off. Manifesting techniques that work are all about understanding what vibes with you and what doesn’t.

We refer to a person, a conversation, or a situation as positive and negative. However, it isn’t about positive or negative unless you are a car battery. It’s about what harmonizes and vibrates at the same rate you do. 

So, when something feels nice, it is at a similar harmony, congruence, resonance, and vibration. When it isn’t…it doesn’t feel good. That’s why we think of it negative. 

Radio dial of very old radio.

When we choose to have something, be it an outcome, an object, or a dollar amount, it will manifest when we are of an equal vibration to it. It’s how a radio works. When you turn your dial to the frequency (vibration) of 93.3 FM, the music playing at that frequency comes out of your speakers.  How To Know Your Manifestation Is About To Happen With 5 Easy Check-Ins

When you match your dial to the frequency of the music you are looking for…you get that music. So this isn’t woo woo. We are talking vibration, energy, frequency, and “like attracts like.” This isn’t weird, so don’t make it weird. 


Woman with eyes closed taking in a deep breath in nature.


Close your eyes and notice what you hear that feels like part of your vibration. It could be birds, the wind, rain, or the ceiling fan’s hum. Notice what feels nice. On the other hand, traffic, intrusive music, and loud conversations may feel annoying. 

Become aware of what you resonate with and what you don’t. This awareness will give you an idea of how you are vibrating. Notice how this changes when your mood or what you are thinking about changes.

Small child smiling with very large umbrella over her.

Manifestation Techniques That Work #2: If You Want A Bigger And Better Life, Vibrate In A Bigger And Better Way. 

Your vibration measures in hertz. Again, we are talking about science as much as anything involving twinkle lights and glitter. If you want higher vibration things in your life, you have to raise your vibration.

How do you do that? Well, just like, “This isn’t weird, so don’t make it weird.” We offer, “This isn’t hard, so don’t make it hard.” When we tell you how to raise your vibration, you’re gonna tell us that it sounds too easy. But here we go. 

The way you raise your vibration is to allow more things in your life that make you smile. Spend more time doing things that fill you up. Make space for more things in your life that really matter and have meaning to you. 6 Big Questions To Discover How To Find Out What I Really Want In Life

Four silhouettes of woman at sunset dancing and posing.

When you do this, what happens? You are in a higher state of mind and feel better about whatever you do that day. Have you ever noticed when you are in a good mood, things just…work? That’s because when you think, speak, and act in a higher vibration way, other things that match that vibration can easily find you. 

This awareness throws many people off to hear that there is more to manifesting than just doing. Having a vibration similar to what you are seeking is equally essential.

It’s the reason that the more someone loves something, the better they are at it. On the other hand, if someone doesn’t enjoy their work, they seldom become outstanding at it, no matter how hard they work and try.

Perspective Is Everything.

Have you ever known someone that things just seem to work for them? We make an absolute bet that this person also is a high-vibrating soul. They probably look for the best in people.

We bet they don’t get worked up over the small stuff and typically assume that things will “work out” somehow. Instead, they vibrate sweetly and easily, and things appear in sweet and easy ways.

Spilled coffee over papers, creating a mess on a desk.

On the other side, have you ever known someone that if it’s going to happen, it will happen to them? They usually watch for others’ flaws and look for something to be wrong in almost every situation.

They are often a Grumpy Gus and a Debbie Downer. Both of these people would be an example of like attracts like. The frequency you are vibrating at is the frequency of things that appear. 

This isn’t to say that you can’t be a high vibrational person and have sad, angry, or anxious times. For example, we spoke with a woman who had just lost her puppy dog companion of 10 years.

She kept breaking down in tears. Finally, she apologized and said, “I’m sorry to be so negative.” We quickly told her that she was not being negative. She was being sad and had every right and reason to be that way. 

Hand holding a mirror that reflects the face of the person.

We don’t suggest that you happy face and fake your way through a day with hard things in it. Manifestation techniques that work are about genuine feelings, and genuine feelings ebb and flow. You can be a living, breathing human with human emotions and still take notice of the sweetness in life.


Take a day and write down everything “nice” that you notice. It might be a friendly gas station clerk. It could be a cup of coffee on your desk that you didn’t ask anyone to bring. Maybe it’s something working out that you weren’t sure could do such a thing. Perhaps it’s the sunset on your drive home or the sunrise in your morning window. 

Write down everything that you have appreciation and gratitude for in your day. In noticing these things, you are calling more of them to you tomorrow. The Law of Attraction says, “like attracts like.” Vibrate in a bigger and better way, and bigger and better things will find you.  5 Cool Ways Of Raising Vibration For Law Of Attraction

Purple and green teeter totters with formula balanced perspective when using manifestation techniques that work.

Manifestation Techniques That Work #3: Find Your Own High Vibration Plan By Creating A “Balanced Perspective.”

So what is a “Balanced Perspective?” It’s a simple equation. 

Enchanted Perspective + Effective Action Steps = A Balanced Perspective.

We call our little space in the techno-verse “Enchanted Perspectives.” To us, the word “Enchanted” isn’t airy-fairy. It means a way to discover your vision and clarify intention, awareness, and direction.

We mean “Enchanted” as a way to inspire, create and manifest the natural person you choose to be and the life you choose to live. Enchanted Perspective is a beautiful tool to discover THE REAL YOU. Isn’t that what we all are hoping to find? 

Beach with footprints with message effective action steps for manifestation techniques that work.

The Law of attraction is about vibrating (feeling, talking, thinking) at the vibration of what you want. But it’s also about taking Effective Action Steps as they show themselves. So it’s making that phone call, researching that idea, talking to that right person, and making the to-do list that the project needs to move forward. 

Some people think that using manifestation techniques that work is about sitting on the couch watching Netflix and thinking happy thoughts. 

High vibration thinking is paramount. You then balance that with action steps. Not “breaking rocks” kind of steps. But efforts to get you closer and closer to what it is that you are choosing to manifest. 

Chalkboard with multiple colored flowers surrounding it with the word why written on.


Write down three things that you really need right now. Beside each item, write “why” you need it and want it. Your job is “What do I want and why do I want it?” “What do I need, and why do I need it?” “What do I choose, and why do I choose it?” 

Your job is to have a strong understanding and awareness of WHAT and WHY. The Universe will take care of WHEN and HOW. Do not get these confused. Get clear on the WHAT and WHY and allow the Universe to show you the WHEN and HOW.

Beneath each item, write at least three action steps you could take to create it. Of course, sometimes there just aren’t any actions needed. But if there are, put those items on your “to-do” list for this week. 

A Balanced Perspective is keeping yourself in a place of high vibration while taking any necessary action steps.

Pool tube floating in crystal clear blue water.

Manifestation Techniques That Work #4: Get Very Clear On What You Choose Out Of Life.

The sad truth is that most people don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they want. So often, we don’t know exactly how we want something to show up or what it would look like if we had it. Because of this, many people will give up on the Law of Attraction before they can even get started.

For this reason, we tell everyone to focus on what they would like to feel like in their everyday life. Clarity on what you want to feel is like a magic wand in the Law Of Attraction game. 

For example, let’s say you don’t like your job and really need another one. But you don’t know what else you would possibly do. Don’t worry about what the job is. Instead, get clear on what you want to feel while having a job. 

Purple and pink sparkles with important question when using manifestation techniques that work what would it feel like

Suppose you know that in your new job you want to feel like you are paid well for what you bring to the party. Put that on the list. If you want a lot of personal freedom (no nights and weekends or no set schedule), what would it feel like to have a job that allows plenty of personal time?

Add in that with the new job; you want to feel good at what you do. Also, you choose work that you enjoy and feel like you do something that matters. You don’t have to know what that job will be. You only need to know what you want to feel while doing that job. 

Two people hold hands

It Works For Relationships Too.

Do the same when you want a relationship. Don’t get too caught up in what color eyes and hair you are hoping to have in a significant other. Instead, get clear on what you want to feel with them. 

Think about what it would feel like to be with someone whose company feels comfortable. What would it feel like to spend time with someone with whom you genuinely enjoy doing things together?

Maybe it’s essential to be with someone who feels like they value you and your time together. Perhaps someone who feels like they are of integrity and would always have your back. 

Side details would be how tall they are or what they do for a living. Being clear on how you want to feel in this relationship is what will start the Law of attraction manifesting techniques that really work for you. 

Book with images coming out of the book.


If you know what you want, fantastic! But if you don’t, no worries. Close your eyes and focus on how you want to feel. It might be a specific topic like a job, or it might be about life in general. Take a deep breath, think about how you choose to feel, and then allow yourself to feel that way.

It doesn’t matter that it’s only in your imagination at first. The more precise you get on how you want to feel, the more precise you can get on what you would like that to look like for you. 

Even if your brain still doesn’t know what some part of your life could look like, focusing on the feeling will automatically tell your mind what it doesn’t know yet. Law Of Attraction may bring it right to you before you even know that was just what you wanted. 

Illustration of manifestation techniques that work diagramming thoughts plus words plus beliefs equal reality

Manifestation Techniques That Work #5: Remember Thoughts, Words, And Beliefs Create Your Reality.

There is a saying that we don’t get what we want. We get what we are. There is another quote about the fact that we don’t see the world as it is. We see the world as we are. This means that your perspective of everything around you is unique to you. It also means your perspective, thoughts, words, and beliefs hold a lot of power. 

A rainy day is a problem if you have an outdoor wedding. It is a blessing if you are a farmer with a new crop. You will be afraid if you believe that a full moon is scary. It will be a gift if you are glad to have a harvest moon lighting the way. Perspective really is everything. So choose one that serves you. 

Small child with fairy wings walking with a trail of sparkles behind her.

The fairy dust of the Law Of Attraction is thoughts, words, and beliefs. We often work with people saying all the positive affirmations while thinking, “This is never going to work.”

Have you ever found yourself saying, “Something awesome is coming my way!” while thinking, “Things like that just don’t happen for people like me?”

Don’t Talk High Vibration While Continuing To Think Low Vibration.

You can’t manifest awesome things while thinking critical and low-vibration thoughts. You also can’t manifest money while thinking that you can’t trust people with money.

You can’t have what you are afraid of or resent. You can’t manifest a relationship while thinking you can’t trust other people, and relationships never work out. 

Book with balloons, flowers and trees coming out of it and the words I am.

Also, be very aware of the words “I Am.” Statements that start with “I Am” are mighty mojo. “I am abundant.” “I am learning very quickly.” They all give strength to your manifesting. Famous Law Of Attraction author Louise Hay always said, “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.”

It will be hard to manifest abundance when every word out of your mouth reflects some version of “I’m broke.” Maybe the checkbook is close to empty, but it would be equally valid to say, “It’s going to be very interesting to see how this works out because things always work out somehow.” 

It’s hard to manifest a robust and healthy body when constantly thinking, “I’m fat” or “I’m not strong enough.” Don’t lie to yourself, but don’t condemn yourself either. 

Illustration quote Where you focus goes, your thought go, where your thoughts go your energy goes, where your energy goe your life goes


 Take a day and pay attention to your words to yourself and about yourself. Only speak of yourself or your situation in a way you would like it to manifest. Remember:

Where your focus goes, your thoughts go

Where your thoughts go, your energy goes

Where your energy goes, your life goes. 

Red x through the word how as a reminder not to focus on hows when using manifestation techniques that work.

Manifestation Techniques That Work #6: Stay Away From The “HOWS.”

There is a perspective in the Law Of Attraction that our job is to focus on what we want and why we want it. HOW and WHEN are yet to be known and in the hands of the Universe. So trust us when we say that manifesting techniques work when you focus on the what and the why. 

Don’t get hung up on “HOW.” Your brain will insist on knowing how you will do what you choose. Your brain will also try to tell you that it can’t work if you don’t see how it will show up. This is a common trap that does nothing but mess with your manifesting.  5 Silly Thoughts That Screw Up Your Law of Attraction Manifestation

Be clear on what you want (or the feeling and essence of what you want) and why you want it. If you start second-guessing yourself, remembering why you want what you want will keep you steady and on course.

Woman sitting on bench hunched over holding rose.

Back to that new job example. On a low vibration, funky day, you might start thinking, “What’s the use?” or “It’s easier just to stay where I am.” However, you will be back on track when you remember the reason.

You will have clarity when you remember how unhappy you have been in your present job. When you believe there is better for you, you will remember why you chose to manifest a new position in the first place. 

Illustration technique for manifestation techniques that work.


Take a piece of paper and write what you choose to manifest at the top. Draw a line vertically down the center of the page. On the left side, list all the “what” details you envision. Next, list all the ways that you intend to feel in the having of this manifestation. Have fun with it. List anything that comes to mind.

On the right side, write all the reasons, “why” you choose to manifest this item. List all the reasons you choose this and all the good stuff that will happen once it has happened. 

You now have your “What” and “Why.” The Universe will take care of the “How” and “When. 

Person in hammock in the water watching the sunset.

Manifestation Techniques That Work #7: Practice Being Who You Are Becoming.

We all tend to look at the Law of Attraction backward. We believe that we will become something better when we get what we want. But, in reality, when we change our state of being to a higher version of ourselves, better things show up.

Manifesting isn’t just about things and situations. Who do you choose to be? In what way do you want to grow and change? Who are you becoming? Practice being that person in advance of having the things and situations. You will be accessing a major manifesting technique that works. 

Also know that here is nothing wrong with wanting to manifest things with a price tag. For example, let’s say you want a new car. What will it feel like to be a person with that car? It will be hard to manifest your new ride if you can’t imagine being that person. 

Woman with large floppy blue hat.

If you want that new job we mentioned, can you see yourself as someone with that great job? Who will you be when you feel confident in what you do? Who will be when you feel like you are doing something that makes a difference and really matters to you? 


  1. Practice being that person.
  2. Get quiet and play an imagination game with yourself.
  3. Imagine that what you want has already happened.


What does it feel like to be that person? Imagine that you came home on Friday afternoon after two weeks in your new job. You also have your first paycheck. The time is yours because you don’t work on the weekend.

You enjoy what you do. You like who you work with and for. You love what this work creates. What would that feel like to experience? 

Maybe you would feel calmer and feel like your life is more balanced. Perhaps you could help others in ways that matter to you with more time and money. What if you could be more of who you really are? Practice being who you are becoming. 

Small child teaching a dog to sit.

Manifestation Techniques That Work #8: Be Patient And Gracious With You And Your Manifesting. 

There is a big difference between wanting something and expecting something. When stuck in a “wanting” place, your focus stays on what isn’t there yet. However, when you are in a place of expecting, you are adding significant go-juice to your Law of Attraction manifesting. 

Imagine going to a concert for your favorite band. Imagine the feeling of driving there. Picture waiting in your seat as the show is about to start. You are vibrating with anticipation and expectation. This feels very different than if you were sitting in your car wanting this same band to come to town…someday. 

Woman jumping up in the air in field at sunset.

Bring your manifestation techniques to a place of looking forward to something, expecting it, and anticipating it. This is so much more powerful than “wanting” something. Wanting can often push something further and further from you. This is because “wanting” focuses on lack instead of having.

So Where Is It?

What if you have been holding a manifestation for a while, and it’s not here yet. There is a saying in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) that says, “There is no failure. There is only Feedback.” (Spoken in our best Yoda voice)

Sometimes you need adjustment…tweaking to realize what you really want. Sometimes you have resistance to what you are trying to create. Maybe you are afraid of the change or not sure you are deserving. This is feedback to make your manifestation even more precise.

If what you do doesn't work do something else when using manfestion techniques that work

There is another saying in NLP that says, “If what you do doesn’t work, do something else.” This comes back to tweaking and adjusting. Law of Attraction and Manifesting Techniques that work always come down to:

Clarity on what you want

Clarity on what you don’t want

Being able to feel what it would be like to have it

Allowing it to be here (stay out of your head and stay out of your way) 


Be gracious with yourself. Where can you adjust your thoughts, words, and beliefs? Where can you get better clarity? Maybe you are doing what you need for the highest good, and it’s all about timing.

What if the best time for your manifestation is right around the corner? Take a breath and stay in that place of expectation and anticipation instead of a place of wanting. Be true to yourself with your thoughts, words, and beliefs.

What you are looking for is looking for you is the result of using manifestation techniques that work.

So here are your manifestation techniques that work. Get creative, have fun and allow yourself to receive all that is waiting for you. What you are looking for is looking for you.

Pixi Pebbles for Manifestation Techniques That Work. 

Pixi-Pebbles are songs, quotes, videos, interviews, movie references, and books that we each personally pick for you.

We’ve used these little Pixi-Pebbles to move ourselves from a feeling we’re not enjoying very much…to a feeling that helps us discover our vision of intention, awareness, and direction.

They lead us to hope, possibilities, and a fire under our butt to live life by design instead of default.

In our blog 8 Tried and True Manifestation Techniques That Work message, these are the Pixi-Pebbles that came to mind.

Just a little inspiration to get you from here to there.

Louise Hay has been provided both of us with invaluable Pixi-Pebbles over the years. Here is short excerpt video of her talking about visualizing the new you. You can also check out one of our favorite books by Louise, You Can Heal Your Life.

Click Here To Listen To The Wisdom Of Louise Hay

Meet Nikki:

Nikki has a way of making almost anything meaningful, interesting, and fun. She loves cats, believes you can learn a lot about yourself by shooting hoops in the park, and has a mad love affair with trees. As a Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, Intentional Living Mentor, Reiki Master, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, she understands how to help others create change and has a talent for making you enjoy doing it.

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Meet Jennifer:

Jennifer is a woman who definitely lives life by design. As an Artist, Certified Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Studies Mentor, and Certified EFT Practitioner, she helps others find their unique, magical, and authentic selves. She loves art, music, nature, travel and believes everyone can dance. Jennifer is a compassionate teacher that enjoys inspiring others to find their own creativity, intuition, and passion for life.
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