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How To Improve My Energy Field? 5 Fabulous Ways To Really Feel Better

Human body surrounded by light and geometric set illustrating energy field around the body

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We talk about your energy field…a lot. So people often want to know, “How to improve my energy field?” They ask this because they keep hearing bits and pieces about the fact that they have one. Then they hear, “You will feel better if your Energy Field is healthy.” But what does that mean, and…how would you know?

Often folks have heard “Energy Field” as a buzzword in New Age circles. Maybe they caught a bit on a talk show about the new biomedicine that has come to light in the last 20 years.

But our Energy Field is less about quirky Hippy talk and more about science. It can all sound like science fiction and make us wonder… “Is this all…for real?” If we all have an Energy Field, you may want to know, “How do I improve my Energy Field?” too.

woman surrounded by psychedelic waves of light surrounding her head and face.

Are you wondering what the big deal is? You might wonder if this is a real thing, and if it is, can it help me really feel better? 

The science of your energy field could be a life study in itself. How about simple facts with enough information to take good care of yourself and feel better? Let’s start with just a few essential points in basic conversational English. Let’s talk energy!

Facts About Your Energy Field.

a.) We, as humans, are bioelectromagnetic beings. The electromagnetic field around each of us is measurable. Some scientists claim it is detected as much as 7 miles away from our bodies.

b.) Doctors sometimes refer to energy therapies as Cooperative Alternative Medicine or CAM. The term Integrative Medicine is becoming very popular and common. It’s a lovely meeting of Western Medicine meets Eastern Holistics.

atomic particle with light at the center of the particle.

c.) You have over 100 trillion cells (give or take a few hundred thousand or so.) Each of these cells, your organs, and tissues are full of light and energy. This is what creates your Energy Field.

d.) Medical fields of study, such as psychoneuroimmunology, tell us that this Energy Field of light in our cells and tissues is affected by our environment, nutrition, thoughts, and beliefs.

e.) When your Energy Field gets depleted or disrupted, you might feel tired, weak, irritable, discombobulated, heavy, or even become ill. Conversely, when all is well, you feel vibrant, healthy, energized, at ease, calm and balanced.

f.) Some actions feed your soul (like walks in the wood, good music, and sweet conversation). Some actions feed your body (like organic, live foods and clean water.) All of these also feed your Energy Field. When your Energy Field is balanced and full of vibrancy, you authentically and organically feel better.

Group of friends smiling and laughing illustrates connecting with friends as one answer for how to improve my energy field.

How To Improve My Energy Field: What Does A Vibrant Energy Field Feel Like?

A vibrant Energy Field may show up as a better mood and feeling lighter. It might mean feeling less stress and, at times, even less pain and more health.

Now that you have the basics let’s get back to that wondering, “How to improve my Energy Field?” What does this look like in real life? Well, here are 5 fabulous ways to feel better by improving your Energy Field, which can’t help but improve your life. 

man climbing mountain illustrating strong energy field that results from improving my energy field.

How To Improve My Energy Field? Fabulous Way #1: Own That You Are An Energetic Being.

We love hippy-dippy, woo-woo talk and speak it often. In the past, you only heard talk about Energy Fields and your Energy Body at your local psychic fair. You know, “dawning of the age of Aquarius” and all that groovy stuff.

Now there are thousands of books written on the topic. We don’t just mean books by yoga and meditation teachers or wise women from the woods. These books are by M.D.s, PhDs, Engineers, Research specialists, and other really smart people with lots of letters at the ends of their names. These are solid science resources when you wonder, “How to improve my energy field.?”

Some of our favorite books on energy are:

1.) Why Woo Woo Works by Dr. David Hamilton PhD-Organic Chemist,

2.) Healing Ourselves by Dr. Shamini Jain, Ph.D.- Psycho-Neuroimmunologist.

3.) Becoming Super Natural by Dr. Joe Dispenza, D.C.

4.) The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. Developmental Biologist

Almost every major university and hospital in the world is researching the frequency and vibration of your Energy Field. We are talking about significant contributors like Harvard, Yale, UCLA, and Mayo Clinic.

Example of eastern spiritual studies with monks and students

Add to that the thousands of years that Eastern culture has embraced the understanding that the mind, body, and spirit are connected. Imagine a Universal Life Force of intelligence working in your body. This is the foundation for Chinese medicine, acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, and other energy modalities like Reiki and Pranic Healing. What Are The 5 Principles Of Reiki, And How Can Reiki Help You?

So Where Do I Start?

The first step is to acknowledge that you do, in fact, have a bioelectromagnetic field pulsing through and around your body. Then understand that this Energy Field not only affects your health and well-being. It IS your health and well-being.

So for a bit here, we ask you to trust all the smart people with letters at the ends of their names. Then add the Tibetan Sanskrit Sutras, the wise woman in the woods, your acupuncturist, and your Reiki teacher. What To Expect From A Reiki Session And 10 Good Questions To Ask

Woman showing energy field chakra system locations in her body through colored balls of light.

Own that this field connects your body and mind and affects every part of your being. That whole mind, body, and spirit thing…well…it really is a thing. Understanding the connection of your Energy Field is the first step to really feeling better.

So let’s make this easy. Just for a minute…own that you do, in fact, have an Energy Field, and so does everyone else. Now back to “How do I improve my Energy Field?”

Woman looking down illustrates a weakened energy field.

How To Improve My Energy Field? Fabulous Way #2: Know The Indications Of A Weakened Energy Field.

So now that you are humoring us and owning that you have an Energy Field, how do you know it needs improving? You will feel…off. It might be short-term from an overwhelming day, long-term from a tricky section of life, or poor long-term choices. 

Some common indicators that your Energy Field needs some care are:

  1. Tiredness, no matter how much sleep you get
  2. Craving food when you shouldn’t be hungry or needing junk food (salt and simple carbs) on a regular basis
  3. Feelings of boredom, restlessness, and being stuck
  4. A feeling of heaviness or no motivation
  5. A feeling of “Meh”
  6. Heavy or sad thoughts for no particular reason
  7. Irritability about…everything
multi-ethnic group of doctors in white coats

If you don’t feel good, there can be many physical and mental reasons. If you think a physician is needed, stop reading and go see one. That said and understood, in Eastern Medicine, all illness starts with a depleted Energy Field. In holistics almost any physical ailment is considered a sign of an Energy Field that needs improvement.

There are more and more alternative, integrative M.D.s who diagnose and treat the physical symptoms but also recognize the Energetic component of humans, and address ways to improve the Energetic Field. “How to improve my energy field” is a modern medicine question.

This doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. You can follow your doctor or therapist’s recommendations and feed your Energy Field simultaneously. Most modern studies recommend doing both for the best results.

Hands shielding and protecting flower illustrating one answer to how to improve my energy field

How To Improve My Energy Field? Fabulous Way #3: Protect Your Personal Energy Field.

How do you protect something that you just found out you have? This may be new information for you, but we know you will be very familiar with what we are talking about from a daily experiential perspective. 

Have you ever been around someone who feels like they suck all the air out of the room? They really aren’t sucking up good air. There is plenty of air, even in a submarine. They are sucking up energy, your energy, along with others in the room (and all they can get). Sometimes these people are annoying knuckleheads or bullies. But sometimes they are friendly.

This is the reason perfectly charming people can still exhaust you. A conversation with them just takes up so much energy. They need validation. They need you to laugh at their jokes. Maybe they need you to side with them, or they need to vent to someone. How can someone so lovely be so tiring?  6 Tips For How To Reset Your Energy When People Overwhelm You

Kid silly vampire costume illustrating energy

You will sometimes hear these people referred to as “Energy Vampires.” Well, the first thing to own is that we have all been an energy vampire for someone. This is because we’ve all had a bad day and sucked up the energy of the happy, kind, pleasant person in front of us.

Let’s Start With Compassion And Grace.

We have all dumped on…somebody, and now our bad day is their lousy day too. We don’t mean to, but it happens. However, some people have consistently made a habit of sucking up energy from those around them rather than breathing new light into their own Energy Field. 9 Very Important Things To Know About Being An Empath and Self-Care.

THIS ISN’T COOL, but you aren’t helpless, either. We stand by the fact that there really isn’t such a thing as Energy Vampires. Some people feel empty and are grabbing onto anything to keep them full. They need compassion, and you need to hold good energetic boundaries.

We also stand by the fact that NO ONE can take your energy if you don’t give it to them. Therefore, it is each of our individual jobs to protect our Energy Field. There are no Energy Vampires because no one can take the energy you don’t allow them to have. Affirmations For People Pleasers And Other Enablers  

Scuba diver in school of fish

In scuba search and rescue certification, they teach that if you encounter a drowning person or someone in trouble underwater, keep your face turned away from them. It doesn’t matter if the drowning person is your mother; they will try to grab your regulator full of oxygen out of your mouth. Energy is the same way. People don’t mean to be vampires. They are starving for energy, and you have it.

So How Do I Protect My Energy Field?

The first way is good boundaries. We all want to contribute to others’ happiness. But let’s be very clear. You are not “responsible” for anyone’s happiness but your own. It’s ok to cut a long, drawn-out story short and excuse yourself from the situation or change the subject.

Two people with angry facial expressions

No one else gets to dump on you. There is a difference between sharing and dumping. Sharing is just that, telling a story and exchanging ideas. Dumping never takes a breath and doesn’t care what you think or give you a chance to say…anything. Dumping is just word salad tumbling out of their mouth and onto your lap.

Again, having somewhere else to be or something else to do is ok. You can be a perfectly kind and pleasant person and still have solid boundaries about how others treat you. Remember that you are teaching people how to treat you in every instance.

Another way to protect your energy is to be mindful of what you allow in your Energy Field. Gandhi said, “I am careful who I let walk through my mind with muddy feet.” Be aware of what kinds of books you read and TV or movies you watch.

Pay attention to the conversations you take part in. Mean-spirited gossip and “oh ain’t it awful” talk can quickly wear your Energy Field down. Crowds or places of high emotion can affect your energy field too. You might notice it in big box stores, crowded events, funeral homes, and hospitals.  Here’s 5 Easy Ways To Know How To Protect Your Energy At Work

Woman in meditation position surrounded by energy field bubble illustrates how to improve my energy field.

How To Improve My Energy Field? This Works Every Time.

A technique that we teach is “Bubbling Up.” This process creates an energetic bubble of light around you. It’s convenient when going to any of the above places or getting through a long lunch with someone hungry for energy.

1.) Put your hands on your heart and take several slow, deep breaths, breathing consistently in through your nose and out through your mouth.

2.) Picture a light in the center of your heart.

3.) See that light going down through your ribs, organs, and hips.

4.) Then, see that light going down each of your legs and out through the bottoms of your feet.

5.) Continue to take those slow, deep breaths as you see corkscrews of light coming out the bottoms of your feet and descending into the earth.

6.) Now let that light come up all around you, from all sides, creating a globe of light around you (we like to picture being inside of a snow globe)

Hands waves of light that are colorful extending from the hands

7.) Let the light gather above your head and slowly start sliding down into your crown. Going down through your head and shoulders, and connecting back to your heart under your hands.

8.) Open your eyes, knowing you have a perpetual force field of energy surrounding your personal energy.

How To Improve My Energy Field? Fabulous Way #4: Feed Your Personal Energy Field.

Ok, now we are getting into the fun and fulfilling part of that original question, “How to improve my Energy Field?” The answer is you feed it. How do you feed it? You do the things that are good for you and feel fantastic to you. So let’s go back to the things that affect your Energy Field.


Rainbow of fruits and vegetables illustrates one answer to how to improve my energy field.


Eat things that truly nourish your body, not just food but genuinely nourishing food. Eat live food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and leafy greens. Drink lots of water, eat good quality oils, and feed yourself healthy fiber. You will be amazed that when your cells are getting plenty of nutrition, your cravings just sort of go away.

We sound like your 8th-grade health and P.E. teacher, but nourishing our body is one of the best ways to improve your Energy Field. We are all about clean and healthy eating, but even if you are going to eat cheesy poofs and jelly beans, get a salad, an apple, and a glass of water in there too.

Field of yellow flowers and blue sky above


This doesn’t just mean the state of the planet or your hometown. It means “Your environment.” What’s it like to be YOU where YOU are? At the very least, does your environment feel safe?

After that, does it feel like somewhere you can breathe and be calm and centered, or is it a constant space of chaos, clutter, and stress? Is it a place where you can be yourself? Is it a place where you can move and stretch and just…be?

What if your environment isn’t good, but it seems out of your control to move to a better situation? Fortunately, all you need to do is focus on getting somewhere just a little bit better or find instances where you can have a little bit of ease. 

picnic in the park illustration one answer to how to improve my energy field

For example, if you work a stressful job, take your lunch break in a park instead of a busy restaurant. Instead of eating at your desk, take your lunch to your car and listen to something inspiring and calming or just really good music.

If there are toxic, stressful, Debbie Downer people in your environment, time to get some relief from them too. If they can be dismissed…gets those critters out of your space. If not, at least find ways to take a break from them.  We Broke Up A Month Ago. I’m Still Thinking These 5 Ridiculous Things.

Watch for what brings you JOY. Create as much fun as possible, reasons to smile, and opportunities to laugh. Click here for Enchanted Perspectives Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation

girl colorful umbrella dancing in the rain illustrating how to improve my energy field.

Just A Few Suggestions To Find Your Joy:

1.) Walks in nature

2.) Time with people you feel comfortable and safe with

3.) Laugher…lots and lots of laughter

4.) Find hobbies and interests that you really enjoy

5.) Take a class or start learning how to do something new

6.) Travel and try new things, even if it’s free and 30 minutes from home

7.) Find new ways to enjoy eating food that really feeds you

8.) Enjoy animals, children under 10, and adults over 70

Find as many ways as possible to create moments and pockets of quiet, calm, and balance. All of these will feed your body, mind, and spirit. Small changes every day can make a huge difference in your Energy Field. Even moments of solace can make a difference until you can create a better environment. 

boy looking at chalkboard with questions marks and light bulb illustrating the question how to improve my energy field


Mike Dooley is famous for his motto, “Thoughts Become Things.” Whether we are talking about ancient wisdom, “As a man thinketh so shall he be,” or current information about the Law of Attraction and Manifesting, our thoughts are powerful.

The thing about “ick” thoughts is we often think them so much that we aren’t even aware of them anymore. Have you ever been in a store playing Christmas Music in September? You can say, “Man, I bet you get tired of this,” and the store clerk will say, “I don’t even hear it anymore” That’s how we adjust to what initially feels…ick. We adjust. The thought is still there, and we just don’t notice.

Pay attention and be aware of your thoughts. That inner dialogue has energy and affects your Energy Field and how you feel. Ick thoughts create ick feelings. Better thoughts mean you feel better. It’s because your thoughts feed your Energy Field. How to improve my energy field? Think kinder and better thoughts. Are You Having Trouble Meditating? Lets Make It Easier In 4 Awesome Steps

woman paint brush answering the question what do you believe.


Abraham Hicks often says, “A Belief is just a thought you think over and over.” So while being mindful of your thoughts, recognize the beliefs those thoughts are creating.

We often ask clients, “Do you really believe that?” when they share a limiting belief. Nine and a half times out of 10, the answer is, “No, it’s just something I say all the time.”

STOP THAT! Your Energy Field hears you when you say things like, “I’m not enough.” or “This will never get better.” and it depletes your energy. Another ancient and true wisdom is, “When you change how you look at something, what you look at changes.

Two women talking one with a notepad

How To Improve My Energy Field? Fabulous Way #5: Ask For Assistance-Techniques That Can Help.

There are professional practitioners of many scientifically recognized modalities that can help you improve your Energy Field. In addition, many studies and reports show how they really allow you to feel better. (see the book list above)

Most of these modalities have techniques that can be learned by individuals to use on their own at home. You can either use them as part of your daily practices or as needed to calm you down and boost your mood. They can also enhance your energy, clear out cluttered thoughts, or just help you feel better. Some of these techniques are:

Heart Brain Coherence Meditation: A simple yet powerful guided meditation and breathing technique that connects your heart’s magnetic waves to your mind’s brainwaves. Click here for Enchanted Perspectives Quick and Easy Brain-Heart Coherence Meditation Script.

hand position over sacral chakra during reiki session


This is Japanese Energy Work that is practiced in many major hospitals like Mayo Clinic and UCLA. It’s also used by Hospice and Kosairs children hospital. It can also be used for calming, centering, and grounding. Reiki creates a sense of general well-being. You can visit a Reiki Practitioner, or you can learn to do Reiki for yourself and your family. What Are The 5 Principles Of Reiki, And How Can Reiki Help You? 


This stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, often called “tapping.” It is a process easily learned to be used whenever you feel anxious, angry, or stuck in negative thoughts. It is used by many athletes, professionals, and people in high-stress jobs. It’s also helpful for anxiety and day-to-day moods. There are practitioners worldwide, but you can easily learn how to do this at home with proper training. 5 Useful Setups To Use EFT Tapping For Anger And Other Frustrations


Neuro-Linguistic Programming focuses on how you communicate with yourself and others and how this affects your behavior. It is a collection of understandings and techniques that help you change unwanted habits and limiting beliefs. There are NLP practitioners nationwide that can teach you techniques to help you in your daily life. 3 Ways To Understand Yourself Better With Neuro-Linguistic Programming 

lemur peeking around a tree

How Improve My Energy Field?

Your best indicators are how does your body feel? What kind of mood are you in? How do you feel in general? If any of your answers are “Not so great,” you probably could find real benefit in doing something to improve your Energy Field. 

It’s not nearly as complicated as it may sound. To improve your Energy Field so you can really feel better, you only need to:

1.) Acknowledge that you have an Energy Field

2.) Know the indications of a weakened Energy Field

3.) Protect your Energy Field

4.) Feed your Energy Field

5.) Ask for help if you need it

You are here dot on map

Are you wondering where to start? Start where you are. It’s never too late to begin being good to yourself. When you are good to yourself, you are feeding your Energy Field. Those who have a healthy energy field have plenty of energy to help others. Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have. You can’t fill milk glasses with an empty pitcher.  Becoming Emotionally Available With 6 Big Choices You Can Make Right Now

When you feed and strengthen your Energy Field, you will really feel better. Today is a great day to begin. So start right here and right now. You’ve got this!

Pixi-Pebbles For How to Improve My Energy Field.

Pixi-Pebbles are songs, quotes, videos, interviews, movie references, and books that we each personally pick for you.

We’ve used these little Pixi-Pebbles to move ourselves from a feeling we’re not enjoying very much…to a feeling that helps us discover our vision of intention, awareness, and direction.

They lead us to hope, possibilities, and a fire under our butt to live life by design instead of default. In our blog How To Improve My Energy Field? 5 Fabulous Ways To Really Feel Better these are the Pixi-Pebbles that came to mind.

Just a little inspiration to get you from here to there.

One of our favorite ways for keeping our energy field vibrant and joyful is 4k videos of beautiful nature. We love being in nature for real and love travel. Sometimes it’s just not possible, so we find great video makers like, Primal Earth to bring in amazing images with really soothing music. Click here to check out the video!

BONUS PIXI PEBBLES…GIFTS To Improve Your Energy Field!

Whether you want to improve your own energy field or help support those you love, here are some items that can inspire you and help you find that perfect energy-boosting item, for you and your favorite hippie friends!

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