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How To Know Your Manifestation Is About To Happen With 5 Easy Check-ins

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Many wonder how to know your manifestation is about to happen. It’s a common question for those new to the Law of Attraction. Well…actually…it’s what everyone wants to know when it feels like something is taking too long to manifest. The question comes up immediately when you start to wonder, “OK…so where is it?”

You know the feeling. You’ve been reading books and listening to podcasts. You’ve been paying attention to your inner chatter and getting rid of old voices in your head. You’ve been deleting useless thoughts that tell you dumb things like you aren’t enough or something just can’t happen for you.

You’ve been incorporating manifestation techniques that work into your life a little at a time. Then, once your intention shows up (and it will), “TaDah!!! It Worked” 

But how do you know your manifestation is about to happen when your intention hasn’t become a reality yet? How do you stay out of impatience? “Where is it?” “When’s it coming?” “How is it gonna get here?” 8 Tried and True Manifestation Techniques That Work 

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So How Do You Know?

How do you know you are on the right path in your manifestation journey? How do you know you are doing what you think you are doing? How do you know if you’re really using manifestation techniques that work?

Fortunately, there are some sure-fire ways to know that what you are doing is working and your manifestation is about to happen. What if you could know your “Tadah!!” is on its way?

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Easy Check-in #1 How To Know Your Manifestation Is About To Happen: You Have A Sense Of Clarity About What You Want.

Most people don’t get what they want because they don’t KNOW what they want. So the first thing we ask anyone in their Law Of Attraction journey is, “Do you have clarity about what you choose to create?”

That doesn’t mean clarity in how it is going to show up. “How and When” is the Universe’s job. “What and Why” is your job. What do you want, and why do you want it? It’s a pretty direct question and a crazy important one.

Sometimes we think we have clarity when in reality, it’s more like we are at the drive-thru window for lunch. We order a hamburger. Then we change that to a cheeseburger. Then we see that they have fish sandwiches. We like fish sandwiches.

Order here drive through sign.

So we change our order again. Then we remember we are going to a fish fry tonight. That’s too much fish. So we decide maybe a chicken sandwich would be good…fried…no grilled….” Well, hell, just give me some food!”

What Do You Want?

This is often how we try to manifest too. How can you bring anything into your life when you keep changing your order? “I want a home in the mountains…no wait…a beach house….no wait…. it’s hot in Florida….I just want a house somewhere” That is not clarity. That’s changing your order.

A-frame house in pine tree grove

Clarity might mean details, or it might mean just knowing the essence. For example, you might know, “I want a small cabin in the Blueridge Mountains of Georgia with a great view.” You might also only know, “I want a home in the woods that I can easily afford.” Both are clear intentions

Details are good if you are sure they are what you choose. Don’t get tangled in details that don’t matter to you. You will know your manifestation is about to happen when you can clearly see what you want. Then practice feeling what it would be like to have it. Allow yourself to feel like it is already here.

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Easy Check-in #2 How To Know Your Manifestation Is About To Happen: You Feel Lighter And Hopeful About The Topic.

We feel sad when we want something we aren’t sure we can have. We feel anxious when we have no idea how it could show up. We might even feel hopeless. You will know your manifestation is about to happen by how you feel when you think about your intention.

We all know that tightness in our gut when we feel like we want something and don’t know how to get it. We also know that terrible feeling when we want something that is nowhere in sight. We want it so badly it almost hurts to think about it.

Kid looking at dish with half eaten cookies for santa.

You will know your manifestation is about to happen when you feel hopeful and lighter about the subject. Yes, you might feel a little impatience or nervous anticipation. (You still get to be human.) But now it will feel almost exciting to think about what’s coming.  8 Tried and True Manifestation Techniques That Work 

You will know you are on target with your manifestation techniques when thinking about it feels more like excitement. Think of a kid the week before Christmas. You aren’t hoping Christmas will come. You are expecting it and marking off the days. It feels fun to think about it.

Watch for that feeling, “I have no idea how this will show up, but it’s going to be awesome watching how it all comes together.”

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Grab Some Sticky Notes For The Bathroom Mirror And Write:

  • “The next big thing is already here!”
  • “Around here, opportunity no longer knocks. It kicks down the door!”
  • “Good things are happening all around me whether I can see it or not”


That is the feeling you are watching for now. So try it on, take it for a spin and wear it for as many seconds as possible.

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Easy Check-in #3 How To Know Your Manifestation Is About To Happen: You Find Yourself Watching For And Expecting Your Manifestation.

Hope is one of the most potent vibrational emotions we can have. When you can get to hope, you have turned a corner and moved in a new direction. Even a half step past hope will let you know your manifestation is about to happen.

That half step forward is called “EXPECTATION,” a powerful emotion. The expectation is beyond hope and moving toward a feeling of “Holy Moly…this could really work!”

Imagine a couple wanting a baby. Every month they “hope” they might be parents soon. Once confirmed they are pregnant, they go the next half step to expectation.

Pregnant woman silhouette in field at sunset.

Now they aren’t just hoping to start their family. They are expecting a baby in May. They don’t know a dozen things about the pregnancy or the child they haven’t met yet. But, “Yeh!… we’re having a baby!” They are no longer just hoping for a child. They are expecting one.

Another Example:

Think of the house in Georgia example. Imagine visiting the Blueridge mountains, standing on the porch of a vacation rental. A feeling comes over you…a knowing of, “I have no idea how this will show up, but I know this life will be mine. “I don’t know how I know it. I just know it.”

Overview of mountains with lake at bottom.

You’ve undoubtedly had that feeling about something in your life and watched it happen. Allow yourself to have it now. You will know you are using manifestation techniques that work when you can feel sweet expectation, “I don’t know how it’s coming, but I can just feel it… it’s happening…even if I can’t see it yet.” 

Illustration of how to know your manifestation is about to happen with two women one looking worried another smiling thinking about the manifestation.

Easy Check-in #4 How To Know Your Manifestation Is About To Happen: You No Longer Worry About The Topic But Enjoy Thinking About It.

Worrying about your manifestation is like sprinkling your ice cream cone with kitty littler…ICK! Don’t WORRY about your manifestation. That only makes it gritty and tastes weird. (You can’t stop thinking about kitty litter now, can you?)

Usually, the worries show up as concern about how it will show up or fear that it won’t show up. That worry only slows down your process in every way. Besides that, it makes your stomach hurt, so stop that. 

There is nothing to worry about, and even if there were, worry never manifested anything. Instead of worry… hope, expect, play, or daydream. If you can’t do that, then think of something else altogether.

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Easy Check-in #5 How To Know Your Manifestation Is About To Happen: You Feel Like It Is Already Happening.

We’ve all had the feeling. You are so ready for something to happen. In your mind, it feels like it’s already here. But no one else can see it yet. This is a fabulous way to know your manifesting technique is working. So please don’t disregard this feeling or think it is wishful thinking. 8 Tried and True Manifestation Techniques That Work 

It can show up in lots of ways. We spoke to a woman who needed two or three things to fall into place to retire. She was two down and one to go. But that one thing was a pretty big one.

However, she couldn’t help but just know she would not be at her job this time next year. No one saw that possibility but her. It was hard to explain to anyone. She just knew it. She was in the beautiful space past expectations and entering, “knowing.” This was evident in her feeling that it was already happening.

Gray haired woman smiling with bicycle with ocean in the background.

Telling The Truth In Advance.

She would catch herself telling folks trying to make long-term plans with her that she was retiring this year. But, of course, that was a lie, as she had no idea how thing number 3 was going to show. It would just come out of her mouth before she could stop it. Being a woman of integrity, this felt like such an oddity. But, it didn’t feel like an untruth. It felt more like telling the truth in advance.

Soon, thing three came about in a most unusual and unsuspected way. Somehow she had just known it was coming. It was the next most natural thing.

We’ve all had this feeling about something. You are on track when something feels so real that it’s like it has already happened. Don’t explain that feeling away. Maybe you are the only one who knows it, but it is here, and the rest of the world will see it soon.

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Check-in With Your Vibration.

It’s easy to let your brain tell you not to get your hopes up. What if you are just wishful thinking? But when you have been using manifestation tools that work… you’ve done the work. 

Watch for clarity with light and hopeful feelings. Allow yourself to feel expectation and joy in thinking about your manifestation. Then let yourself play and feel like it has already happened.

These 5 check-ins will tell you that you are doing what you meant to do and co-creating what you intended to create. What you chose to manifest is here now, waiting to show itself. Remember, what you are looking for is looking for you.  8 Tried and True Manifestation Techniques That Work 

Pixi-Pebbles For When Your Manifestations Are About To Happen… 

Pixi-Pebbles are songs, quotes, videos, interviews, movie references, and books that we each personally pick for you.

We’ve used these little Pixi-Pebbles to move ourselves from a feeling we’re not enjoying very much…to a feeling that helps us discover our vision of intention, awareness, and direction.

They lead us to hope, possibilities, and a fire under our butt to live life by design instead of default. In our blog How To Know Your Manifestation Is About To Happen With 5 Easy Check-Ins message, these are the Pixi-Pebbles that came to mind.

Just a little inspiration to get you from here to there.

Sometimes a Pixi-Pebble song isn’t about the words but about the feeling and attitude of a song… this is one definitely one of those. Its a quarky 80s song to play loudly and do some car dancing to. Why not… you know you are manifesting everything that matters to you…so as Matthew Wilder reminds us…don’t let anyone or anything “Break Your Stride.” Click here to check out the song Break My Stride. 

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